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• 9/7/2016


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• 7/21/2015

Ultraman Exceed X

Another series known as "Ultraman Exceed X" has just been announced. It's currently unknown if this will be a sequel to the now-in-progress Ultraman X or something else entirely, but the blog above reveals the details about it!
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• 11/12/2014

Ultraman Max episode question

The next episode of Ultraman Max to have an article setup for is the series's 2-part episodes, "Welcome to Earth!" featuring popular villain, Alien Baltan. Before I create the article(s) for it thought, I must ask:
Since the episodes' titles are the same, sans the "subtitle" for each part (Part 1 = The Science of Planet Baltan, Part 2 = Farewell Alien Baltan!) Should the article for the episodes be split up like normally, or should it be combined into one with each episode being split in two in the "Plot" section of the episode?
Please share your thoughts.
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• 10/14/2014

Ultraman Max now on Crunchyroll!

Here's the deal guys, Crunchy is giving the full 39 eps to paid subscribers. (It's $6.95 a month if you're curious).
But, they are going to release and add 8 episodes every week on a Tuesday for free viewing until the entire set is available to both free and paid users. So, we can view episodes 8 a week or wait 4 to 5 weeks for the full set.
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