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Ace Killer (エースキラー - Ēsu Kirā) is a Super Beast that first appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Ace. He appeared in the second episode of the show's first 2-part episodes, episode 14, entitled "The Five Stars that Scattered Throughout the Galaxy".

Subtitle: Alternate Dimension Superman (異次元超人 - I Jigen Chōjin)

Character History

Ultraman Ace

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Ultraman Mebius - Mebius Killer

Ace Killer reappeared in the series, Ultraman Mebius as Mebius Killer (メビウスキラー - Mebiusu Kirā). He appeared in episode 43, entitled "Threatening Mebius Killer".[1]

In this series, an Ace Killer was summoned by Yapool to attack a City that Hibino Mirai and Aya Jinguji were going on a date in to draw Ultraman Mebius out of hiding. Complying to prevent Ace Killer from killing anyone, Mirai transformed into Ultraman Mebius to battle the robot, only for Yapool to release another Super Beast: Gadiba. Gadiba then inhabited the Ace Killer, transforming it into "Mebius Killer!" Because Mebius had fought the Life-Form previously in the forms of Red King and Gomora, Gadiba's acquired knowlegde of the Ultra's fighting abilities were passed on to Mebius Killer, allowing the Robot to perfectly duplicate the Ultra's attacks and hurl thm back at him, as well as perfectly mimic the Ultra's physical attacks as well. Ultraman Mebius was soon taken down by Mebius Killer's copied abilities, but after being encouraged by Aya (who had found out that Mirai was Mebius's human form) to continue fighting after she reminded him that it's an Ultra's duty to protect people, Mebius managed to recover and power through Mebius Killer's attacks, and after finding an opening, he destroyed both Gadiba and the Robot with a newly acquired technique that Mebius Killer did not copy: The Mebium Dynamite.

Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Ghost Rebirth

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Ultraman Zero Side Story: Killer the Beatstar

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Ultra Fight Victory - Victory Killer

Ace Killer reappeared in the segment series, Ultra Fight Victory, as Victory Killer (ビクトリーキラー - Bikutorī Kirā).[2]

In this mini-series, Yapool uses one of his Ace Killers and analyzes the data of Ultraman Victory, while the Ultra was locked in battle against an Aribunta. A short while after, the Ace Killer and Yapool managed to capture and imprison Ultraman Ginga in a energy cage on the moon, Golgotha, where they were then confronted by Ultraman Ace. Much like their original battle, Ultraman Ace and the Ace Killer seemed evenly matched until Yapool revealed Ace Killer's newly acquired data from Victory. Renaming the robot as "Victory Killer," Victory Killer then proceeded to bombarde the Ultra with his Killer-Lance techniques, which quickly overpowered Ace. Luckily, Ultraman Victory (now in his newly acquired Victory Knight form given to him by Ultraman Hikari) arrived on the scene and battled against Victory Killer.

With his new abilities, Victory Knight managed to overpower Victory Killer's attacks until Yapool released Lunatyx to attempt to kill Ultraman Ginga, outnumbering Victory Knight. Fortunately with the help of the Knight Timber, Victory Knight was able to bring Shepardon back to life, and the Monster fought against Lunatyx while Victory Knight resumed his fight with Victory Killer now with the odds evened. Despite Yapool's analyzed data, Victory Killer was no match against the ultra's new abilities, and the robot was destroyed by Victory Knight's "Knight Victorium Shot."

Kabuto the Killer

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Mega Monster Battle ULTRA MONSTERS NEO

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Appearances in other media

Andro Melos

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Other appearances

Stage Shows

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Video Games

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Weapons and Abilities

  • Ability Adaptation: With the assistance of Yapool, Ace Killer can absorb data from other Ultras and use their own attacks against them.
  • Claw: Ace Killer's left claw is naturally sharp enough to slash his opponents.

Ace Killer

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Mebius Killer

  • Mebium Ray: After adapting to Ultraman Mebius, Mebius Killer can fire his own variation of the Mebium Ray. Its strength is on par with that of Mebius's own ray.
  • Mebium Blade: After adapting to Ultraman Mebius, Mebius Killer can create his own variation of the Mebium Blade from his right hand.
  • Mebium Burst: After adapting to Ultraman Mebius, Mebius Killer can fire his own variation of the Mebium Burst. Its strength is on par with that of Mebius's own burst attack, if not stronger.

Victory Killer

  • Killer-Lance: After absorbing the data of Ultraman Victory, Victory Killer possesses the same Lances that Ultraman Victory uses as weapons as well. However unlike the Ultra, Victory Killer does not need the help of Spark Dolls to summon his Lances.
    • EX Red King Knuckle: Victory Killer can change his right arm into an EX Red King's arm. It can be used to punch opponents and create the "Flame Road" technique as the original.
    • Eleking Tail: Victory Killer can change his right arm into an Eleking tail. He uses it as a whip and can electrocute any opponent he ensnares with it.
    • King Joe Launcher: Victory Killer can change his right arm into King Joe Custom's Pedanium Launcher. He uses it to fire multiple energy blasts.
    • Sadora Scissor: Victory Killer can change his right arm into one of Sadora's pincers.
    • Gudon Whip: Victory Killer can change his right arm into one of Gudon's whip hands.

Kabuto the Killer

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Behind the scenes


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  2. Tsuburaya's Official Website's profile on Victory Killer's profile in "Ultra Fight Victory"

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