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Ace Robot (エースロボット - Esu Roboto) is a robot that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Ace. It appeared in episode 14, "The Five Stars that Scattered Throughout the Galaxy".

Subtitle: Super Human Robot (超人ロボット - Chojin Roboto)

Character History

Ultraman Ace

Ace Robot was a robot built and designed by the Yapool after they studied Ultraman Ace's battle tactics and attacks. After all four of the Ultra Brothers were capture and imprisoned on Planet Golgota. The Yapool released Ace Robot to act as a test subject to demonstrate Ace Killer's new power (the latter of whom had just absorbed the powers of the Ultra Brothers.)

After Yapool shouted the word 'Battle', Ace Robot fired its own Metallium Ray, but Ace Killer easily shrugged off the attack without even flinching and proceeded to bombarde the robot with the Emerium and Specium rays, as well as the Ultra Bracelet. Ace Robot fell to the floor, clutching his chest in a convincing display of pain. Ace Killer then delivered a killing blow, and Ace Robot was destroyed by Zoffy's stolen M-78 beam.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Robot Metallium Ray (ロボットメタリウム光線 - Robotto Metariumu kōsen): Ace Robot is able to fire a weakened version of Ultraman Ace's signature Metallium Ray as its own signature attack. Although the Yapool claimed that the ray is the equivalent to Ace's original, its appearance in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 indicates it as a very sub par attack. First named in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3.
  • Diamond Ray (ダイヤ光線 - Daiya kōsen): Appearing only in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3, Ace Robot is able to utilize the Diamond Ray as its ranged offensive technique. Like Ace, Ace Robot fires the beam during battle without needing to charge. The beam itself is in the same diamond shape as Ace's original.

Behind the Scenes


Ace Robot is played by an unknown suit actor during its series debut.


  • Ace Robot's suit was created by temporarily attaching hand-made and gold-painted to a spare Ultraman Ace suit.
  • Ace Robot possesses some of the same grunt sound effects that Ultraman Ace possesses, albeit slightly lowered in pitch.
  • Ace Robot is the first Imitation Ultra who wasn't built to damage the reputation of its real counterpart.