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Alien Clean (クリーン星人 - Kurīn Seijin) is an Alien that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Leo. He appeared in episode 25, "The Rhinoceros Beetle Is a Alien Invader!"

Subtitle: Fantasy Alien (幻想宇宙人 - Gensō Uchūbito)

Character History

Ultraman Leo

Alien Clean were once a race of aliens who lived on Planet Clean until they were wiped out along with their planet by MAC's newest test weapon: The CS137 Rocket. In retaliation, one of the Planet's survivors sent the Monster Satan Beetle to attack Earth. As Satan Beetle headed to Earth, the Alien Clean then invaded the dreams of a sickly boy named Jirou, who despised garbage after it had made him sick so often. In Jirou's Dreams, Alien Clean fooled the boy into believing that his lost Pet Turtle and Rhinoceros Beetle were waiting for him on Planet Clean. Jirou would continue to be fooled by Alien Clean once Satan Beetle arrived and he took off to unite with the Monster under the impression that Satan Beetle was his Rhinoceros Beetle having come to fetch him. Realizing that Jirou was in trouble, Gen transformed into Ultraman Leo to battle Satan Beetle. During Leo's fight, Jirou was accidentally knocked out by some debris and he was visited by Alien Clean in his sleep to fool him yet again. At that moment, Gen appeared in Jirou's dream as well and he scolded Jirou for being gullible. Eventually after awakening again and seeing Satan Beetle's true colors, Jirou, while heartbroken, finally saw the truth, and thus Ultraman Leo no longer held back and destroyed Satan Beetle. What became of Alien Clean afterwards is unknown.

Weapons and Abilities


Behind the scenes



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