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Banpira (バンピーラ - Banpīra) is a Space Beast that first appeared the TV series, Ultraman Nexus. He appeared in episode 29, entitled "Voices: -Calling-".

Subtitle: Arthropod Type Beast (アースロポッドタイプビースト - Āsuropoddo Taipu Bīsuto)

Character History

Ultraman Nexus

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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Banpira reappeared in the series, Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle. He appeared in episode 5, entitled "The Trap in Belargo City."[2]

In this series, Banpira belonged to the Reiblood known as Kate. He was sent to attack the ZAP Spacy in Kate's efforts to "train" Rei to bring out his Reiblood abilities. Luckily, Rei quickly released Gomora and the two battled. Banpira managed to land a few blows, but they were futile in comparison to the stronger Gomora, whom after beating down Banpira with his tail, finished off the Space Beast by firing his Super Oscillatory Wave at Banpira, destroying it.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Banpira reappeared in the film, Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie as one of Ultraman Belial's revived 100 Monster Army.

Banpira teamed up with fellow monsters, Eleking, Alien Guts, Velokron, King Joe Black, King Pandon, Nova, Fire Golza, Doragory, Alien Metron, and Gan-Q to take on Ultraseven in the Monster Graveyard. He was eventually killed after Ultraseven flipped him over in the air, causing Banpira to explode.

Appearances in other media

Ultra Zone

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Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes


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