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This article is about a/an monster in The Return of Ultraman.

Bemstar (ベムスター - Bemusutā?) is an alien monster that appeared in the TV series, The Return of Ultraman. He appeared in episodes 18 and 37, "Ultraseven Arrives!" and "Ultraman dies at Twilight" (respectively).

Subtitle: Giant Space Monster (宇宙大怪獣 - Uchū Daikaijū)

Character History

The Return of Ultraman

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Ultraman Taro

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Ultraman Mebius

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Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Hikari Saga

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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Bemstar reappeared in both Ultra Galaxy series'. He appeared in episode 4, entitled "Bemstar Has Arrived!" in the original series,[1] and episode 2, entitled "Reionyx Battle" in Never Ending Odyssey.[2]

First Series

In this series, Bemstar was one of the many Monsters that lived on Planet Boris. His presence was first felt when the Monster had attacked a Resource Transportation Base to feed on its excess energy deposits, prior to the ZAP Spacy's arrival on Planet Boris. By the time the ZAP Spacy had arrived to salvage some spare parts, the damage had already been done. Shortly after arriving, Bemstar noticed the Pendragon and returned to feed on its energy as well. To make matters worse, Haruna (believing that Bemstar had murdered her brother, Hiroki during his first attack) had hijacked a Dragon Speeder to deal with Bemstar herself, despite being no match for Bemstar's power. Even by trying to fend off the Monster with their weapons and Missiles. Bemstar only absorbed of their attacks through its gorge and continues out without any trouble.

Luckily, Rei had summoned Gomora and Litra to do battle against Bemstar. The battle however was roughly at a standstill with Gomora and Bemstar's strength being on par with one another, and Haruna's and Litra's involvement proved ineffective as Bemstar once again absorbed their attacks to strengthen him in fighting back against Gomora. At that moment, Oki informed Rei that Bemstar is vulnerable for a brief moment but only after it absorbs energy through its gorge. With the knowledge in mind, Rei ordered Litra to distract Bemstar, to which Litra transformed itself into a Phoenix and discharged a huge burst of Fire from its body at Bemstar. Bemstar absorbed the attack and (unintentionally) left itself open for Gomora to stab Bemstar with his horn, charging the Monster's innards with his Super Oscillatory Ray from the inside, destroying Bemstar.

Second Series

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Ultraman Zero

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

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Ultra Zero Fight

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Ultraman Ginga S

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Ultraman X

Bemstar reappeared in the series, Ultraman X. He appeared in episode 4, entitled "All For One".[3]

In this series, Bemstar was a Spark Doll that had belonged to an Alien Zarab that had come to Earth to destroy it after having already destroyed several other Planets along the way. They first appeared in Area S-4, where they attacked a Pharmaceutical Factory in order for Bemstar to feed. Fortunately, Xio arrived on the scene and attacked Bemstar while trying to look for Zarab. After Bemstar absorbed Xio's attacks, the monster attacked Daichi with his Horn Blaster, causing Asuna to lose her temper and attack Bemstar erratically. Luckily, Daichi survived the attack and transformed into Ultraman X to battle Bemstar instead. During the Ultra and Monster's battle however, Bemstar's gorge opened up and Ultraman X was shocking absorbed by Bemstar while the Monster was eating! With the Ultra out of the way, and the contents of the Factory eaten, Bemstar then fled to the Moon and fell asleep while Ultraman X was left to slowly being digested inside of the Alien Monster.

After Alien Zarab was was destroyed by Xio, two of its members: Hayato and Wataru went into Space to rescue Ultraman X from Bemstar, after Rui and Mamoru modifyed Xio's vehicles to allow them Space Travel. Rui and Mamoru also revealed to them that by studying Telesdon's Spark Doll, the Musketty now has a Lava Blast feature, allowing it to protect Hayato and Wataru from being eaten by Bemstar's Gorge as well. Using the new feature, Hayato and Wataru blasted Bemstar's Gorge, destroying it and freeing Ultraman X from being digested! Now freed from Bemstar, Ultraman X resumeed his fight with the Alien Monster. Ultraman X has no trouble picking up where he left off beating up the monster, and after striking him with his Attacker X ability, Ultraman X destroyed Bemstar with the Xanadium Beam, reducing him back into Spark Doll form.

Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga

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Appearances in other media

Andro Melos

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Ultra Super Fight

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Ultraman Boy

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Ultra Zone

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Other appearances

Stage Shows

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Video Games

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Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes


  • Bemstar is portrayed by suit actor Kazunori Yokoo in the series, Ultraman X.


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