This article is about a list of human hosts in the Ultraman franchise.

The following is a list of Hosts that have appeared in the Ultraman franchise, grouped by season. On the lower part of the page is a list of all articles relating to Hosts of Ultras.

Ultraman (1966)

Ultraman Shin Hayata

The Return of Ultraman (1971)

Ultraman Jack Hideki Go

Ultraman Ace (1972)

Ultraman Ace Seiji Hokuto / Yuko MinamiSeiji Hokuto

Ultraman Taro (1973)

Ultraman Taro Kotaro Higashi

The☆Ultraman (1979)

Ultraman Joneus Choichiro Hikari
Amia Kyoko

Ultraman: The Adventure Begins (1987)

Ultraman Scott Scott Masterson
Ultrawoman Beth Beth O'Brian
Ultraman Chuck Chuck Gavin

Ultraman: Towards the Future (1990)

Ultraman Great Jack Shindo

Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero (1993)

Ultraman Powered Kenichi Kai

Ultraman Tiga (1996)

Ultraman Tiga Daigo MadokaTsubasa MadokaAmui
Evil Tiga Keigo Masaki

Ultraman Dyna (1997)

Ultraman Dyna Shin Asuka

Heisei Ultraseven (1998)

Ultraseven Masaki Kazimori

Ultraman Gaia (1998)

Ultraman Gaia Gamu Takayama
Ultraman Agul Hiroya Fujimiya

Ultraman Nice (1999)

Ultraman Nice Ginga Yumeboshi

Ultraman Neos (2000)

Ultraman Neos Genki Kagura

Ultraman Cosmos (2001)

Ultraman Cosmos Musashi Haruno
Ultraman Justice Julie

Ultraman Nexus (2004)

Ultraman the Next Shunichi Maki
Ultraman Nexus Jun HimeyaRen SenjyuNagi SaijyoKazuki Komon
Dark Faust Riko Saida
Dark Mephisto Shinya MizorogiHiroyuki Misawa
Dark Zagi Mitsuko Ishibori
Ultraman Noa Kazuki Komon

Ultraman Max (2005)

Ultraman Max Kaito Touma

Ultraman Mebius (2006)

Ultraman Hikari Kazuya SerizawaRyuu Aihara
Zoffy Shingo Sakomizu

Ultraseven X (2007)

Ultraseven Jin

Ultraman Zero series (2009)

Ultraman Zero RanNozomu Taiga

Ultraman Ginga (2013)

Ultraman Ginga Hikaru Raido

Ultraman Ginga S (2014)

Ultraman Victory Show

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