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Cicada Humans (セミ人間 - Semi Ningen) are a race of aliens that first appeared in the TV series, Ultra Q. They appeared in episode 16, "Garamon Strikes Back".

Subtitle: Space Phantom (宇宙怪人 - Uchū Kaijin)

Character History

Ultra Q

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Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

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Ultraman X

A Cicada Woman appeared in the series, Ultraman X. She appeared in episode 16, entitled "Feature Report! 24 Hours Inside Xio."[1]

In this series, the Cicada Woman was part of an unknown Crime Ring (consisting of herself, Dada, and a Kemur Man,) where the trio specialized in Human Experimentation with Dada's size reduction technology. After Kemur Man (who was caught by Xio prior) was forced to reveal where their location was hidden, Xio made a Stakeout at their lair, an abandoned factory, where Xio easily apprehended the criminal Aliens after a brief scuffle. Afterwards, the Cicada Woman and her associates were all placed under arrest.

Other appearances

Stage Shows

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Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes


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