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Dachmilan (ダクミラン - Dakumiran) is a Monster that appeared in the TV series, Andro Melos. He appeared in episodes 2-4, and 6-8.

Subtitle: Fighting BEM (ファイティング・ベム - Faitingu Bemu)

Character History

Andro Melos

Dachmilan was one of the many Monsters who served in the Guar Army as one of their "Fighting BEMs." He was used in battle by Juda where they both teamed up to ambush Andro Mars on Planet Nutt's Beta Planet. Despite the Fighting BEM's assistance from his Master though, Andro Mars was capable of handling both Dachmilan and Juda with ease thanks to his naturally incredible strength. During the fight, Juda and Dachmilan were forced to temporarily retreat and re-strategize their attack. After which, they both reconfronted the Andro Super Warrior and challenged him to a game of Tug-of-War. Unaware to Andro Mars though, the game was a trap to catch the Andro Super Warrior off guard and take him by surprise. Having fallen for the trap, Andro Mars was once again ambushed and thus weakened by Juda's trick, and was left at the mercy of Dachmilan while Juda was left to hold off Andro Melos (who had arrived to assist his comrade.) Despite Juda's trick working though, the slightly weakened Andro Super Warrior was still strong enough to fight off Dachmilan on his own and in the end, Dachmilan was destroyed by Andro Mars's Cosmo Bazooka.

Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes


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