This article is about a/an Villain in Ultraman Nexus.
Dark Zagi - ultra series
Dark Zagi
Gender: Male
Season(s): Ultraman Nexus
Ultraman Ginga
Homeworld: M80, Scorpio Constellation
First Appearance: Blockade: -A.D. 2009-
Last Appearance: Ultraman Ginga Theater Special
Number of Episode

Film appearances - 1
Full list of appearances

Actor: Iwata Eikei
Human Form
Dark Zagi (ダークザギ - Dāku Zagi) is an Evil Ultra that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Nexus, as the show's main antagonist. While he has made sporadic appearances throughout the series, his first official appearance was in episode 34, entitled "Blockade: -A.D. 2009-".

Subtitle: Evil Dark God of Destruction (邪悪なる暗黒破壊神 - Jaakunaru Ankoku Hakai-Shin)

Character History

Ultraman Nexus

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Ultraman Ginga Theater Special

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Dark Zagi

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Behind the Scenes


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