This article is about a monster in the Ultraman franchise.

Dokkun (ドックン - Dokkun) is an Alien Monster that appeared in the film, Ultraman Story.

Subtitle: Small Monster (小型怪獣 - Kogata Kaijū)

Character History

Ultraman Story

Dokkun was part of a race of monsters who had lived peacefully in the Land of Light alongside the Ultras. When a stray Dokkun stumbled across a young Ultraman Taro training on his own, the monster laughed at him out of amusement. Insulted by Dokkun's laughing, Taro decided to bully the monster by trying to use him as practice to fight against other monsters. Taro's choice of actions however was not very wise as his aggressiveness provoked Dokkun into charging after Taro until the monster cornered the young Ultra on the side of a canyon, forcing him to call out for help. Luckily Mother of Ultra arrived on the scene, and sternly reminded Taro of Dokkun's peaceful nature. Realizing how rudely he behaved, Taro apologized to Dokkun for their scuffle, to which Dokkun forgave him and politely left.

Weapons and Abilities


Behind the scenes



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