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Encounter and Friends (出会いそして仲間たち - Deai Soshite Nakama-Tachi) is a special recap episode of the series, Ultraman X. This episode aired on September 1st, 2015.[1]


Since meeting and uniting with Ultraman X, Daichi Oozora has fought to save Earth from a a constant threats with his friends, overcoming numerous trials. Now, it's time for a look back at his battles with Xio, the Mons-Armor equipped by X, and the encounters with tE-rU from Planet Gold and Ultraman Zero. You'll also get a look at X's brand new form!


In this special recap episode, Daichi narrates the events of what has currently happened in the series thus far. The likes of which include:

During the recap, Daichi also mentions some special tidbits of information about the series, such as:

  • Ultraman X's abilities: including his Xanadium Beam, and his Mons Armor.
  • The Ultra Flare that took his parents from him 15 years ago.
  • Xio, his role as a scientist in the team, and the Cyber Monsters whose data have been used in their past battles.

After recapping the events with Ultraman Zero, Daichi summarizes the entire recap by stating that while there will be many more battles ahead of them, he and Ultraman X will be ready to face them when they come. This statement is accompanied by new footage of battles yet to be seen, such as:



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