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Farewell, Leo! Setting Off for the Sun
Ultraman Leo, Episode 51
Leo ep picture 51
Air date March 28, 1975 (TBS)
December 10, 2014 (Crunchyroll)
Directed by Yamagiwa Eizo
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Leo's Life! The King's Miracle!

Farewell, Leo! Setting Off for the Sun (さようならレオ! 太陽への出発 - Sayōnara Reo! Taiyō e no shuppatsu) is the 51st episode, and the Series Finale of the series, Ultraman Leo. This episode aired March 28th, 1975. This episode is the final part of Ultraman Leo's "Saucer Creature"-themed series of episodes.


The Miyama family prepares to visit the former man of the house's grave. Meanwhile, Black End, Black Star's final monster, descends to Earth.


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