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Fly to The Sinister Monster Island (魔の怪獣島へ飛べ!! - Ma no kaijū shima e tobe!!) is a 2-part episode of the 17th and 18th episodes of Ultraman 80. These episodes aired on July 23rd and 30th (respectively) in 1980.


Part 1

A group of UGM officers go to investigate Shiokaze Island. Although the island is a vacation spot, the officers find it deserted.

Part 2

Takeshi and the UGM officers try to track down a mysterious woman who seems to be able to control monsters. Is she friend or foe?


Part 1

Picking up a signal of unusual activity coming from a place known as Shiokaze Island, UGM immediately notifies the United Nations. Upon seeing their concerns however, the UN dismisses them, believing that it's nothing out of the ordinary. That and that Shiokaze Island is also known for being a recreational beach resort. Yamato is persuaded by the Secretary or the UN, and Captain Oyama to go to the Island as a day off. but Chief Ito however insists on going to the Island by himself for reasons he does not mention.

On Shiokaze Island, Ito begins investigating the Island's surroundings and reporting them to UGM. While reporting to UGM of an investigation on the Beach, Ito is attacked by an unseen force. UGM is quickly dispatched and after setting up a camp as their base of operations, the members of UGM disperse all over Shiokaze Island to look for Ito. While Yamato investigates the site where Ito disappeared, Harada and Tajima notice that the island is completely deserted (particularly in its Hotel and Recreational areas.) Suddenly just as the members of UGM regroup and report the Island's strange absence of human activity, a roar is heard from the Hotel Harada investigate. UGM arrives just in time to see a Giant Monster grabbing a woman. Despite trying to shoot down the monster, UGM's weapons only manage to frighten it off and it swims away, with the woman in tow. UGM immediately assumes that Ito's disappearance may have been due to the monster.

To add to UGM's confusion, all of the tourists and islanders mysteriously return, but none of them have any recollection of what had just happened. UGM then takes notice of something else on the Island's tourists: Everyone has unusual bite marks on their necks. To further UGM's continuous dismay, their base of operations on the island is sabotaged by the Woman who had been taken away by the monster. Later that night while setting up their base of operations again, UGM notices a mysterious fog on the other side of the Island. Captain Oyama (whom had been informed of the fog) warns the members of UGM not to breathe in the fog or they would fall under a hypnotic trance from the source that is controlling the fog. While journeying into the fog, UGM notices all of the tourists from before, all under the fog's influence, gathering to a giant Cave. Out from the Cave emerge several tentacles that latch onto the hypnotized tourists and they begin sucking up their blood. Before UGM can stop the feeding, the tentacles retreat and the hypnotized tourists attack UGM. Luckily, UGM is saved by the time arrival of the mysterious woman, who outsmarts the hypnotized tourists and disappears shortly after saving UGM.

The next day, Yamato and UGM find the woman from before and she attempts to flee, only to be surrounded. Just as UGM can question her motives, the monster, named Lovrus appears before them. At that moment, the woman reveals that Lovrus is in fact Ito himself! Before UGM can question the woman how Ito turned into the monster Lovrus, a roaring from the cave from last night calls forth another monster from the Ocean, named Daron. Unlike Lovrus, Daron is revealed to not be human and thus UGM quickly attacks the Octopus Monster. Unknown to UGM, Lovrus begins to show signs of pain from the nearby roaring. Despite UGM's efforts though, Daron quickly brushes off Harada and Tajima, and seizes Yamato with one of its tentacles.

Yamato quickly transforms into Ultraman 80 and does battle against the Aquatic Monster. 80 manages to hold off Daron well, but his situation becomes difficult when Lovrus succumbs to the roaring and he too becomes a mindless slave like Daron. Both monsters then double-team 80, and 80 is left with the difficult task of keeping Lovrus alive without possibly killing him. 80 is thus overpowered by both monsters, and the Ultra is ensnared by Daron for Lovras to finish off...

Part 2

80 ep picture 18

Ultraman 80 battles Gimaira.

Picking up where Part 1 ended off on, the monsters, Lovras and Daron have double-teamed Ultraman 80 and Lovras is prepared to stab 80 with his claw while Daron has the Ultra ensnared. Luckily just as the monster goes to stab the Ultra, 80 manages to duck out the way and Daron winds up taking the attack instead. This however provokes Daron into attacking Lovras instead and the aquatic monster bludgeons the once-human Monster. 80 however, now free to attack, strikes Daron with the Ultra Ray Lance technique, killing Daron. 80 then goes to comfort Lovrus, but the stress of resisting the cave's influence cause Lovrus to wander away in pain, and 80, having spent his 3 minutes in Earth's atmosphere, as an Ultraman must now retreat to recover his energy.

As Yamato reunites with Harada and Tajima, the trio discuss how Ito could've become Lovrus while going off to inform Captain Oyama. Unable to counteract the Fog that's hypnotizing people due to its Outer Space nature, Captain Oyama orders UGM to evacuate the people and seal off the Cave's Entrance with a powerful Explosive device that UGM brought with them on the mission. As UGM prepares to follow through with their new mission, they discover that the woman has destroyed their gas masks and has taken off with their Explosive and they are quickly in pursuit after her. The Woman then runs into the fog, and with Harada and Tajima unable to follow after her due to the fog nearby, Yamato (after being forced to knock out Harada) goes it alone and confronts the woman himself in the fog. (Being an Ultra, he was unaffeated by the Fog's hypnotic control.)

The woman, named Hoshi Sawako, explains to Yamato that she is an alien herself. About 20 years ago her spaceship was attacked by a Monster, the same Monster that controlled Lovrus and Daron. Since then, she was raised on Shiokaze Island by an Earth Couple. To her misfortune, the monster had landed on Shiokaze Island as well, and had been draining people of their blood to give it energy. Sawako also reveals that she was Ito's fiancée, and that Ito himself had been mutated into Lovrus by the same exact monster that attacked her. (During the events of Part 1, Ito has reunited with Sawako, but was drawn into the monster's fog and was struck by a ray from the monster, transforming him into Lovrus.) To Yamato's continued trouble with the situation, Sawako reveals that the only way to revert Ito back into a human is to kill him, as Lovrus. Unwilling to let the monster get away with transforming her former husband-to-be into a monster and for enslaving the people of the Island, Sawako disregards Yamato's concerns for her safety and resumes stealing the Explosive from UGM to kill the monster herself.

Confronting the cave where the monster is feeding, Sawako enters it with the explosive and it detonates, causing a cave-in. The explosion however enrages the monster, and finally it reveals itself: Gimaira. Gimaira attacks the tourists (whom have been awoken from their trance) and Gimaira is lead away by Yamato. UGM's HQ and the UN gets wind of Gimaira's appearance and their deploy as well to battle the monster. Gimaira however manages to brush off the efforts of the UN with ease and continues to pursue Yamato. Finally, Yamato was forced to transform into Ultraman 80, and the Ultra battled with the Monster. Gimaira's physical strength however was more that enough for the monster to easily overpower 80 in battle, and the monster seized 80 with its tentacles (revealed to be the monster's tongue) and it electrocuted 80 with it. Suddenly, Lovrus returned (having now recovered from its previous fight) and noticed 80 was in trouble. Lovrus attacked its former master, but despite Lovrus's heroic effort though, it only provoked Gimaira into attacking him instead. The sadistic monster bombarded Lovrus with its hypnotic gas and its tail before stabbing Lovrus with its horn and charging its innards. Gimaira's dirty deed was done, and Lovrus turned back into Ito. Having witnessed what had happened, 80 was determined to avenge Ito, and using the last of his available strength, the Ultra obliterated Gimaira with his Moonsault Kick.

Despite 80's victory over Gimaira, all is not well... As explained by Sawako, Ito is now dead, having been murdered by Gimaira's attack, to Sawako and Yamato's sadness. Sawako, upset that she couldn't save her husband-to-be, decided to give Ito one last gift: Her own life. Using her alien nature, Sawako transferred her life force into Ito's body, reviving Ito but killing Sawako in the process. UGM is elated that Ito is alive again, but before returning home, Ito and Yamato having a moment of silence for Sawako's sacrifice, and Ito gives her a brief eulogy.


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