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Gamakujira (ガマクジラ - Gakamujira) literally translated as "Toad Whale" is a Monster that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman. He appeared in episode 14, "The Pearl Oyster Defense Directive".

Subtitle: Blowhole Monster (汐吹き怪獣 - Shiofuki Kaijū)

Character History


Gamakujira was a Monster who had been feeding on Pearls and Oysters as of late, which had been causing a lot of trouble for the Jewelry industry, who been getting hurt by the Monster's hunger. Eventually, once Gamakujira's hunger had caused it to attack a Truck filled with reserved Oysters and Pearls for mining, it caught the attention of the Science Patrol, who were quickly launched into action. While the team attacked it though, Gamakujira took out their VTOL by spraying water at it from its Blowhole, damaging it and stranding them while the Monster fled to a nearby Island to rest for the night. The next morning, Gamakujira swam away to resume its feeding by heading straight for Nagoya! The Science Patrol however were ready to fight back though, and they attempted to stop the Monster's trek by firing their weapons on it and even deploying an Electrified Net to ensnare and electrocute it. Their weapons however didn't do much, and the Net only provoked Gamakujira into wildly thrashing about until it freed itself.

On its way to Nagoya though, Gamakujira attacked a group of Woman bathers, but was temporarily stopped by the Jewelry they had left behind and it had a quick snack by feeding on their Pearls. Realizing that the Monster was enticed by Pearls too, the Science Patrol tried a new attack. Disguising several bombs as Pearls, the team managed to trick Gamakujira into feeding on the phony pearls. As Gamakujira ate, the bombs went off, both all around it as well as inside the Monster, causing Gamakujira to become wild and erratic, throwing itself around everywhere. With the monster now vulnerable, the Science Patrol then initiated another new attack: Firing a rocket at the Monster's backside to send it into Outer Space. The rocket was launched and it hitched into Gamakujira, sending the Monster flying all over the sky without any control whatsoever. Meanwhile, Hayata (who was knocked unconscious after being knocked out of the Sky from the Electric Net plan failing earlier,) managed to recover and he transformed into Ultraman to finish the job. Flying after the erratic Gamakujira, Ultraman and the Monster collided in mid-air, causing an explosion that finally killed Gamakujira.

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Behind the scenes



  • Gamakujira's name was actually meant to be a working title for the Monster. However because the name eventually fit with the character, it became the Monster's permanent name.


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