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Goldon (ゴルドン - Gorudon) are a race of Monster that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman. He appeared in episode 29, "The Challenge to the Underground".

Subtitle: Golden Monster (黄金怪獣 - Ōgon Kaijū)

Character History


The Goldon were a race of Subterranean Monsters who made their presence known when a pair of them began feeding on Gold Deposits in a Mine in Mt. Ohtayama. When one of them surfaced and attacked the nearby town of Muromachi, the Defense Force was quick to arrive on the scene to combat the Monster with their weapons but to no avail. By the time the Science Patrol had arrived to fight back as well, the Monster quickly burrowed away. Once Ide and Captain Mura went inside of Mt. Ohtayama with their newly crafted Underground Tank known as the "Pelucider," to fetch a Miner who was trapped inside, the duo was confronted by Goldon once more as the Monster was feeding on Gold. The duo attacked Goldon by firing on it with the Pelucider's laser, but this only provoked the monster, who attacked back by tossing around the Pelucider. Goldon returned to the surface to attack once more, but this time he was confronted by the Science Patrol, and after they dropped a Corona Bomb on it and struck its heart with one of their lasers, the Goldon succumbed to its wounds and died.

Later on after Ide fixed the Pelucider's malfunctions and the duo headed back to the Surface, they were suddenly ambushed by the sudden appearance of a 2nd Goldon, who tossed their Pelucider around again, this time damaging the tank beyond repair. With no more oxygen inside the Tank, it seemed the duo was doomed to died of suffocation. But not willing to let Goldon get away though, Captain Mura managed to hit the Monster with a Missile, driving it to the surface as well in the hopes of having someone else fight the Monster as well. Luckily, Hayata was outside and he noticed the 2nd Goldon's appearance. Wasting to time, Hayata transformed into Ultraman and he battled the Monster himself. The Goldon attempted to fight back by using its tail, but in the end, it was no match for Ultraman, and the Ultra took down the Monster after a lengthy battle with his Specium Ray. With the Goldons defeated Ultraman took off into the underground as well to retrieve the Pelucider, taking it back to the surface and saving everyone aboard.

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Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes


  • The Goldon are portrayed by suit actor Ōgi Kōji.


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