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Gregorl-Man (グレゴール人 - Guregōru Jin) is an alien that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Dyna. He appeared in episode 31, entitled "Fight! Dyna vs. Dyna".

Subtitle: Space Pro-Wrestler (宇宙格闘士 - Uchū Kakutō-shi)

Character History

Ultraman Dyna

Hailing from planet M-16 of the Hercules Constellation, Gregorl-Man was a powerful fighter who travels the universe in seek of the most powerful warriors of each planet to defeat. Reaching Earth, he sought to challenge the powerful Ultraman Dyna he had heard about in his travels and proceeded to drop 4 swords into an uninhabited area to form his fighting arena. Gregorl-Man then proceeded to drop a Monsarger he caught and strengthened in his journey into the ring, allowing it to rampage in the area. Gregorl then transformed into Imitation Ultraman Dyna and proceeded to dominate the powerful monster even the original Ultraman Dyna had difficulties with, ending with Gregorl snapping Monsarger's neck. After the battle, Gregorl participated in a fist fight with Ultraman Dyna's human host, Shin Asuka, then proceeded to drop a challenge towards Shin: the two must fight a duel to the death when the sun is level with the gems on the hilts of the swords, or Gregorl will summon more space monsters to challenge Dyna. Shin is reluctant and leaves.

In the afternoon, Shin returns to to Gregorl, accepting his challenge, and the two began to fight. While at first the fight seemed to be even between the two fighters, the scale tipped in Gregorl's favor as his Dark Solgent Ray overpowered Dyna's Solgent Ray. Gregorl then demonstrated his more agile and powerful physique to Dyna, easily downing the hero. As Dyna attempted to flee from the ring, the electrical "ropes" around the ring shocked Dyna and prevented him from flying away. As Dyna struggled to get up again, the crowd around roared Dyna's name, cheering him on. The act annoyed Gregorl-Man to the point where he attacked the gathered crowd with a Dark Slash, causing Dyna to jump in and take the hit while Super GUTS attacks Gregorl. However, SGUTS' attempt was futile, as their projectiles were blocked off by Gregorl's Dark Barrier. Dyna returns to his feet from the cheering of the crowd and transforms into the his Strong-Type, and easily overpowered Gregorl. Flustered, Gregorl attempted to initiate a cross counter punch with Dyna, only for his punch to come up short. Dyna's powerful Cross Counter Punch breaks Gregorl's Dyna mask, forcing him to revert to his true self. Acknowledging his defeat, Gregorl asks for a warrior's death, but is refused by Dyna. Learning that Dyna's strength comes from his companions, Gregorl leaves for space once again.

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Weapons and Abilities

  • Electrified Swords: Prior to battle, Gregorl-Man can summon 4 electrified golden swords from a wormhole, forming a pro-wrestling ring for his opponent and himself.
  • Dark Slash (ダークスラッシュ - Dākusurasshu): Imitation Ultraman Dyna's counterpart to Ultraman Dyna's Hand Slash. It is equivalent in power to said technique.
  • Dark Solgent Ray (ダークソルジェント光線 - Dākusorujento kōsen): Imitation Ultraman Dyna's counterpart to Ultraman Dyna's Solgent Ray. It is superior in strength to said technique, and Imitation Ultraman Dyna can perform the attack while in Miracle-Type.
  • Dark Barrier (ダークバリア - Dākubaria): Imitation Ultraman Dyna's counterpart to Ultraman Dyna's Ultra Barrier. It performs the same functions as said technique.

Behind the scenes



  • Imitation Ultraman Dyna's suit is a modification on the backup Miracle-Type suit used during filming.



Imitation Ultraman Dyna Flash-Type

Imitation Ultraman Dyna Miracle-Type