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Gyango (ギャンゴ - Gyango) alternatively known as "Gango" is a monster that first appeared in the TV series, Ultraman. He appeared in episode 11, "The Ruffian from Outer Space".

Subtitle: Brainwave Monster (脳波怪獣 - Nōha Kaijū)

Character History


Gyango was the result of a Wish granted upon a "Living" Stone that came from space, after a Con-Artist stole the Stone from the Science Patrol's Science Center. Having formed from the Stone by the Greedy Man, Gyango, who was human-sized, proceeded to obey the Man's wishes in terrorizing several other people in a Hotel the Con-Artist was residing in, which amused his master greatly. Finally, the Con-Artist foolishly wished that Gyango was the size of a real Monster, only for Gyango to grant his wish while still inside the Hotel! With no room for him, Gyango's bigger presence inadvertently destroyed the Hotel while the Con-Artist was knocked unconscious.  Worse still, because the Monster's presence was tied to the Con-Artist's thoughts, Gyango would not disappear on his own like the Stone had before when others stopped thinking about what they wanted from it!

The Science Patrol soon arrived and they took the Con-Artist to a Hospital so that he would awaken and stop the Monster's Rampage, while Gyango was confronted by the Defense Force's weapons. After their attack managed to break off one of the Monster's ears, Gyango's rampage intensified and he disposes of their efforts. During his provocation, the Monster also managed to knock down Hayata's VTOL, which crashed into the ocean. Luckily Hayata managed to bail from the VTOL just in time, and he transformed into Ultraman to hold off the Monster. Gyango tried to fight back by using trickery to keep Ultraman confused and open to attack, but Ultraman managed to use some tricks of his own, and eventually broke off Gyango's other ear. Gyango, now hurt and confused, stumbled around to try and continue fighting back, but it was no good. Finally the Con-Artist awoke and he stopped thinking about the monster, causing Gyango to turn back into the Stone he original was. With the stone back to normal, Ultraman took the stone and hid it deep in space so that it may not cause anymore trouble.

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Behind the scenes

Gyango's costume was modified from the Bemular suit.



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