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Harvey Comics
is an American comic book publisher founded in 1941 by Alfred Harvey. The publisher was very well known for comics geared towards young children such as licensed characters from the Paramount animation company Famous Studios like Casper the Friendly Ghost and original characters such as Richie Rich. Sadly, Harvey Comics went bankrupt in 1994.

The bankruptcy was a result of the children's comic book market drying up and being a victim of the ill-conceived "speculator boom" of the 1990s, where publishers would produce variant covers of issues in the hopes they would be more valuable to collectors, resulting in a lot of comics never being sold.

While the company no longer exists, it is still fondly remembered by Baby Boomers and fans who reminisce of a more innocent time in comic books and some of its properties are now owned by Dreamworks Animation.

In 1993 and early 1994, Harvey produced 8 issues of an Ultraman comic based on the TV series Ultraman: Towards the Future, but Harvey went bankrupt before they could make more issues under their imprints Ultracomics and Nemesis.

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