This article is about a/an character designer in Ultraman: The Adventure Begins.
Keita Amemiya
Keita Amemiya
Born August 24, 1959
Born in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Job(s) Character designer
Seasons active:
Ultraman: The Adventure Begins

Keita Amemiya ( 雨宫 庆太 Amemiya Keita?) is a sci-fi/fantasy writer, character designer, film producer and director. He is the creator of the Garo Series as well as a designer of tokusatsu suits and a director and writer of TV episodes. In an early part of his career, he was a character designer for the animated Hanna-Barbera/Tsuburaya joint TV film production, Ultraman The Adventure Begins.


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  • Mirai Ninja- director
  • Moon Over Tao- director
  • Zeriam- director
  • Zeriam 2- director
  • Kamen Rider ZOIcon-crosswiki- director and character designer
  • Kamen Rider JIcon-crosswiki- director and character designer
  • Mechanical Violator Hakaider- director and character designer
  • Garo: Red Requiem- director and writer
  • Garo: Soukoku no Maryu- director and writer
  • Garo Side Story: The Tougen Flute- writer
  • Kiba Gaiden- director and writer



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