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Kiyla (キーラ - Kīra) alternatively known as "Keeler" is an Alien Monster that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman. He appeared in episode 38, entitled "The Spaceship Rescue Command".

Subtitle: Photothermal Monster (光熱怪獣 - Kōnetsu Kaijū)

Character History


Kiyla was a Monster who lived on the mysterious Planet Q. It was first spotted by the crew of NASA's Super Station V2, where it attacked them while they inside their Prospector with its blinding flashes, badly blinding them and destroying one of their BM fuses. It was later spotted fully by the Science Patrol when Kiyla engaged the monster Saigo in battle. As the two monsters fought fiercely, Saigo seemed to have the upper hand at first as it was able to fight back with its jaws and its Sand Attack. However, Kiyla soon proved to be the more superior opponent, as he blinded Saigo with a bright flash from his eyes (revealing the culprit to NASA's attack,) and forced the injured Saigo to flee the scene.

Later once the Science Patrol was fetching a replacement fuse to save the NASA crew, they were spotted by Kiyla, who was watching them. Arashi, out of impluse, fires on the Monster, and the provoked Kiyla attacks back by blinding Arashi and chasing after the men, eventually trapping the team in a Valley by making a Landsilde to corner them. Kiyla then noticed Captain Mura and Ide escaping from his rampage and it attempted to destroy their ship. Hayata however transformed into Ultraman just in time to stop Kiyla from doing so. Ultraman managed to hold off Kiyla long enough for the Men to get away, but is soon beaten down by Kiyla after the Monster blinds him with his Eye Flashes as well, even managing to shrug off both an Ultra Slash and the Specium Ray! Ultraman however does not give up, and the hero soon destroyed Kiyla with a combination of his Ultra Attack Ray and Ultra Psychokinesis.

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Behind the scenes



  • Kiyla was slated to appear at one point in the series, Ultraseven. However, he never did.


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