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Leo is in Trouble! The Assassin is a Saucer Creature
Ultraman Leo, Episode 42
Leo ep picture 42
Air date January 24, 1975 (TBS)
December 10, 2014 (Crunchyroll)
Directed by Isao Maeda
Episode Guide
The Saucer Creature From the Evil Planet Is Here!
A Challenge! The Terror of the Blood Sucking UFO

Leo is in Trouble! The Assassin is a Saucer Creature (レオが危い! 暗殺者は円盤生物 - Reo ga kiki I! Asashin wa enban seibutsu) is the 42nd episode of Ultraman Leo. This episode aired January 24th, 1975. This episode is Part 3 of Ultraman Leo's "Saucer Creature"-themed series of episodes.


Gen and Toru meet Hideyuki, a boy who cares for wounded animals. Is a vile Saucer Creature taking advantage of Hideyuki's kindness?


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