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Mecha Gomora (メカゴモラ - Meka Gomora) is a Robot Monster that first appeared in the Ultra Galaxy special Side Story, "Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero".

Subtitle: Mecha Robot Monster (メカロボット怪獣 - Meka Robotto Kaijū)

Character History

Ultra Galaxy Legends Side Story: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero

In his first appearance, Mecha Gomora was originally a normal Gomora who had belonged to another Rei from an alternate universe. Sometime ago, the ZAP SPACY crew of that universe was captured by the Alien Salome on Planet Chain, and Rei's Neo Battle Nizer was confiscated and modified by their technology, creating Mecha Gomora as a result. While that universe's Rei went missing, trying to stall his erasure from existence, Mecha Gomora was unleashed by the Alien Salome to attack the ZAP SPACY of the current universe, where the robot was confronted by Rei's Gomora. Mecha Gomora's modifications proved to be superior as the mechanical double easily beat down Gomora. However before the Robot could finish off his fleshy counterpart, Ultraman Zero arrived, saving the ZAP SPACY by battling Mecha Gomora himself. Being an Ultra, Zero own strength was more than enough to hold back Mecha Gomora on his own, and the Ultraman managed to destroy one of his head crest horns and both of his claws with his Zero Sluggers. Before the robot could be destroyed though, Zero was confronted by the Imitation Ultra Brothers (SR) and another more terrifying foe while Mecha Gomora was called back for repairs, but not after it took out both Rei and Litra while they were attempting to penetrate the Alien Salome Stronghold.

Later on, when Gomora attacked the Salome base after being reunited with Rei, Mecha Gomora, now repaired from its previous battle, was unleashed once more to fight Gomora. Much like their last battle though, Mecha Gomora had the upper hand physically and it beat down Gomora with ease. The situation soon worsened when Darklops Zero appeared and the rogue robot reprogrammed Mecha Gomora to assist him in double-teaming Gomora. Luckily, Ultraman Zero returned from battling the Robot Ultra Brothers and the Ultra teamed up with Gomora to even the odds. With the help of both Rei and Reimon (the alternate universe Rei), Mecha Gomora is soon destroyed by Gomora's Super Oscillatory Ray.

Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royal!

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Ultraman X

Mecha Gomora reappeared in the series, Ultraman X. It appeared in episode 14, entitled "The Shining Sky, and the Land Beneath It."[1]

In this series, Mecha Gomora was originally a Spark Doll in the possession of an Alien Markind. Once the Spark Doll was taken from Alien Markind by the Guar Army (initially, it was being sold to them by Alien Markind, but he was murdered before he could get paid.) Gina Specter would then activate the Spark Doll and Mecha Gomora was unleashed on Xio's HQ to attack them directly with its weapons. As Xio dealt with the rest of the Guar Army though, Mecha Gomora was confronted by Asuna (of Xio) and Arisa (of UPG), with Asuna summoning Cyber Gomora to battle with the Robot. Mecha Gomora and Cyber Gomora fought fiercely, but in the end, Mecha Gomora was eventually destroyed by a combination of Cyber Gomora's Cyber Super Oscillation Wave, and Arisa firing an Ultlaser at the robot.

Ultra Fight Orb

Mecha Gomora reappeared in the segment series, Ultra Fight Orb.

In this mini-series, Mecha Gomora was revived by Reibatos to assist Juda Specter in double-teaming Ultraman Zero while he was investigating Reibatos's trail of evil energy on Planet Yomi. As both master and machine proceeded to assault Zero, the Ultra was luckily saved by Ultraman Orb Lightning Attacker, who had traced Reibatos's trail of evil energy as well (shortly after destroying a revived Demaaga as well.) As Orb assisted his fellow ultra in fighting back against the revived duo, Zero transformed into Ultimate Zero, and Orb transformed into Orb Trinity. Both Juda Specter and Mecha Gomora were no match for the powered up Ultras, and Mecha Gomora was destroyed after being struck by Orb's Trinitium Break attack twice.

Ultraman Geed

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Weapons and Abilities

  • Mega Super Oscillatory Wave (メガ超振動波 - Mega Chō Shindō-ha): Mecha Gomora can charge up and fire a dark violet-colored Super Oscillatory Ray from its horn. It is based on EX Gomora's EX Super Oscillatory Ray.
  • Crasher Mega (クラッシャーメガ - Kurasshā Mega): Mecha Gomora can fire a Pink Energy Ray from the light on its left breast.
  • Mega Body Missiles (メガボディーミサイル - Mega Bodī Misairu): Mecha Gomora can fire Missiles from its body.
    • Mega Finger Missiles (メガフィンガーミサイル - Mega Fingā Misairu): Mecha Gomora can fire Missiles from its fingers.
  • Knuckle Chain (ナックルチェーン - Nakkuru Chēn): Mecha Gomora's claws are linked to a chain that are fired from its arms via rockets. They can be retracted as well.
  • Energy Disks: Mecha Gomora can fire Red Energy Disks from its chest.

Behind the scenes


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