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Moonlighting: -Night Raid-
Ultraman Nexus, Episode 1
Nexus ep picture 01
Air date October 2, 2004
Directed by Konaka Kazuya
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Ultraman: The Next
Different Raw Beast: -Space Beast-

Moonlighting: -Night Raid- (夜襲-ナイトレイド- - Yashū -Naito Reido-) is the 1st episode of the series, Ultraman Nexus. This episode aired on October 2nd, 2004.[1]


In the not so distant future, alien creatures known as Space Beasts are threatening humanity. The organization TLT is formed to covertly combat these threats. Kazuki Komon became a rescue worker to help people, but a meeting with a mysterious gentlemen will lead to him becoming an officer for TLT. Unsure of what's happening to life, he is then confronted by a giant of light... Ultraman Nexus!


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  1. Tsuburaya's Official Website's synopsis on "Moonlighting: -Night Raid-"

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