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Pestar (ペスター - Pesutā) alternatively known as "Pester" is a monster that first appeared in the TV series, Ultraman. He appeared in episode 13, entitled "Oil S.O.S.".

Subtitle: Oil Beast (油獣 - Yujū)

Character History


In his first appearance, Pestar was a Monster who had been preying on Oil Refineries in the Middle East. Pestar's hunger for Oil soon brought the Monster to Japan, where it began attacking boats in order to feed. Eventually, the Monster was spotted by a Drunk Man and later the Science Patrol, who planned to have Pestar destroyed before it could attack Japan's Refinery next. With the help of the Defense Force dropping several barrels of Gasoline to lure the Monster out, Pestar was baited into a trap, and as it feed, the Science Patrol attempted to attack. The first attack though failed due to Pestar's speed and the Monster retreated. Suddenly as it resurfaced, Ide fired on Pestar at the wrong moment by accident, which provoked Pestar into using its flames to set fire to the Gasoline it was feeding on. As it headed straight for the Refinery, Pestar too set everything in the Refinery on Fire with its Flames. However, Ide managed to fix his mistake by firing at the exposed monster once more by striking it in its Stomach. Pestar was mortally wounded by the attack and collapsed, unable to move. Despite Pestar's being too weak to fight though, the Monster was still alive and as Ultraman arrived to wash away the fire of Pestar's attack, Pestar attempted to fight Ultraman by blasting him with his flames, Ultraman however only responded by hitting Pestar with his Specium Ray, killing the Monster without any trouble.

Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

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Ultraman X

Pestar reappeared in the series, Ultraman X. He appeared in the show's 1st episode, entitled "A Voice From the Starry Sky".[1]

Pestar made a cameo appearance as one of the many Spark Dolls who transformed into Monsters after being exposed to the Ultra Flare event from Ultraman X's and Greeza's battle. Pestar was briefly seen attacking some power lines in an unknown Arab Nation.

Appearances in other media

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Other appearances

Stage Shows

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Video Games

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  • Pestar makes a few appearances in Ultra Zone. He first appears in a eye-catcher where he participates in a 3-legged race. He appeared later as the guest monster in the segment, "Kaiju English."

Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes



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