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Power to Open Up
Ultraman Ginga S, Episode 1
Ginga S ep picture 01
Air date July 15th, 2014
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto
Episode Guide
Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royal!
Ginga vs. Victory

Power to Open Up (切り拓く力 - Kirihiraku Chikara) is the 1st episode of the series, Ultraman Ginga S. This episode aired on July 15th, 2014.[1]


2 years after the final battle in Furuhoshi, the time arrives for Hikaru Raido to have another fateful encounter with the mysterious warrior, Ultraman Victory, and a new invading force from space. With the help of the special task force UPG, Hikaru unites with Ginga again to forge a path to the future, and a titanic tale of battles begins to unfold!


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External Links


  1. Tsuburaya's Official Website's synopsis on "Power to Open Up"

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