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Ragon (ラゴン - Ragon) are a race of humanoid monsters that first appeared in the TV series, Ultra Q. They appeared in episode 20, entitled "The Undersea Humanoid Ragon".

  • Subtitle: Meteorite Monster (隕石怪獣 - Inseki Kaijū) (Ultra Q)
  • Subtitle: Seabed Man (海底原人 - Kaitei Genjin) (Ultraman)

Character History

Ultra Q

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Ragon reappeared in the series, Ultraman. He appeared in episode 4, entitled "5 Seconds Before the Big Explosion".

In this series, a male Ragon was effected by Nuclear Radiation when a Nuclear Bomb (meant to be tested on Jupiter) detonated Underwater. The radiation had caused the Monster to grow into much bigger proportions and become much more savage than the rest of its race. The Ragon's savagry caused the Monster to attack several ships until he made his way to Hayama Marina so that it could feed. Ragon first attempted to do so by trying to eat the sleep Michiko, but was stabbed by Hoshino, allowing him, Michiko, and Fuji to retreat, while the provoked Ragon chased after them into a nearby forest. Hayata and Arashi of the Science Patrol arrived on the scene to fend off the Monster, but were unable to do so as Ragon was also carrying one of the Bombs that was meant to go to Jupiter, and if they were to attack Ragon, the Bomb was in danger of being detonated. Even after using music to lure the Monster into the sea, Ragon's savagry from his mutation caused him to go wild instead of be enticed by music like the rest of his race.

With the Science Patrol unable to do anything, Ragon managed to shoot down Arashi's VTOL with his newly-acquired Radioactive Ray and threatened to eat the ejected Arashi, until Hoshino lured Ragon away from him by shouting at the Monster. However he became cornered between Ragon and a cliff they were both dangerously over. Hayata, realizing that Hoshino was in trouble, transformed into Ultraman and battled Ragon himself. At first, the battle between Ultraman and Ragon was difficult due to Ultraman having to keep the bomb away from Ragon, as well as to not let it get activated. However once the bomb fell down a large gully and became activated from the impact, Ultraman quickly ended the fight by blasting Ragon with his Specium Ray, which knocked the monster off a steep cliff to his doom.

Ultraman Ginga

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Ultraman Orb

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Appearances in other media

Ultra Zone

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Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes


  • Ragon II is portrayed by suit actor Izumi Umenosuke in the original Ultraman series.


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