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Human Form - Riku Asakura
Ultraman Geed
Riku Asakura
Gender: Male
Series: Ultraman Geed
Height: 51 m
Weight: 41,000 tons
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Welcome to the Secret Base
Last Appearance:
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Film appearances - 1
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Actor: Tatsuomi Hamada
Ultraman Geed
Ultras - Ultraman Geed

Ultraman Geed (ウルトラマンジード Urutoraman Jīdo) is the byproduct and "biological" son of Ultraman Belial created by Kei Fukuide using Belial's DNA. In the form of a young man named Riku Asakura (朝倉 リク Asakura Riku), Geed seeks to shed his father's fearful legacy that he was burdened with and become a hero of justice.

Character History


As Reibatos attempted to revive Ultraman Belial to no avail, he realized that the evil Ultra was still alive. Soon, Reibatos would be approached by Belial himself, who promptly killed the former with his Deathcium Ray. In one account, Belial appeared to be Geed, likely in a vision, foreshadowing the birth of Belial's son and the role he would soon play in time to come. Ultra Fight Orb The Symbol of Geed

Ultraman Geed


19 years ago, Ultraman Belial had recruited the Alien Sturm, Kei Fukuide to serve as his personal scientist, after the destruction of the latter's homeworld. At the time, as the Land of Light's battle with Belial raged on, Ultraman Hikari created the Ultra Capsules to preserve the powers of the Ultras. Belial and Kei would formulate a plan to gather and activate the capsules, which began with Kei stealing the Capsules and the Risers from the Land of Light.

During their time together, Belial soon realized that the Capsules could only be activated via the power of an Ultra, to which Kei suggested that they create their own Ultra from Belial's DNA. Thus upon being provided with a sample of the evil Ultra's genetic material, the Alien Sturm was tasked with creating a "vessel" of flesh made from Belial's DNA. Eventually, a baby was created out of Belial's essence, and Kei left the infant on Earth to mature on his own until it was old enough to serve them in their evil plans. After Kei left though, the baby was found by a group of scientists outside of their observatory and the baby was left in their care instead. A local administrator named Sui Asakura, had opted to adopt the infant with his wife, but she had passed away before they could come to a decision, thus the baby (named Riku by Sui) was placed in foster care instead, adopted by the Aizaki family. The Geed Identity My Name

As Riku grew older, he was very shy and interacted if very few people, with the exception of his childhood friend (and later AIB agent,) Moa Aizaki. However when he was 13-years old, he met Pega, an Alien Pegassa, and the two instantly became friends due to Riku being fascinated to meet a real alien, and because the two shared a bond over having no place to live (Pega was stranded on Earth after his ship was damaged beyond repair.) Pega Runs Away from Home Around the same time, the Crisis Impact happened, beginning with the destruction of the Earth, though it would be reversed by Ultraman King assimilating himself with the universe, as his essence later manifested into Little Stars within various individuals.

Becoming Geed

6 years later, Riku and Pega would eventually find a home and a job by working for Haruo at the Ginga Marketplace until one day, their home was destroyed by the fusion beast, Skull Gomora. One night while in their lament, Riku and Pega met the artificial intelligence known as REM who took them deep within the Observatory that Riku was dropped off at when he was a baby. REM reveals to Riku that he carried Ultraman DNA (although she did not mention his affiliation with Belial) and is capable of fighting monsters by taking on the form of an Ultra as well. Then when Skull Gomora returned to wreck havoc, Riku uses this newfound power to destroy the monster himself. Thus Riku dubbed his new form as Ultraman Geed (naming the form after his personal catchphrase: "SittinG around DOing nothing won't get us anywhere!") Welcome to the Secret Base

Despite using his powers for good though, Riku was put off by the fact that society rejects Ultraman Geed due to his resemblence to his father. Riku initially refuses to transform into Geed again, but after meeting a girl named Laiha Toba, who revealed to know more about the mysteries of the Little Stars, Riku realized that it was his duty to protect the people of Japan after defeating Skull Gomora again, and after revealing his true identity to her, Laiha moved into Riku's new home, and the both of them settled to find out more about Riku's past and the secrets of the Little Stars. The Girl Who Cuts Monsters During their time together, Riku, Laiha, and Pega also met the Salaryman Leito Igaguri, who had become the latest Human Host for Ultraman Zero. Using Leito to stay on Earth and recover from his battles with Ultraman Belial after the Crisis Impact, Zero learned of Geed and his connection with Belial and realizing that the young Ultra was in need of training and growth, Zero served as a part-time protector of Earth to assist Geed when he was in a pinch, as well as to offer advice that helped Riku on his journey to be a true Ultra. A Job Where You Investigate Aliens

Confronting his Creator and Father

During Riku's time with his new friends though, so too did he encounter many dangerous enemies. Feeling that he was old enough and ready to finally serve in their plans, Belial sent Kei to spy on Riku and prepare him for his return. Taking the form of many Fusion Beasts, as well utilizing the powers of his Monster Capsules, Kei fought against Ultraman Geed on many occasions, when in reality, he was testing Riku's might and to see if he was worthy yet of carrying out his Father's Legacy. Also with every battle they fought in, Geed/Riku grew stronger and stronger thanks to the assistance of the Little Stars he was acquiring from those he was protecting from their battles. The Girl Who Cuts Monsters Feeling that he was stronger enough to serve them, Kei took the offense and stole Riku's Ultra Capsules in a firece between between himself (as Pedanium Zetton) and Geed. However, Kei became unstable due to having an insufficient amount of Ultra Capsules and went on a rampage. It was until he was confronted by Geed in his new Magnificent form that the psychotic assistant of Belial was taken down. The Geed Identity My Name

Despite Kei's failure though, this did not stop Belial's plans, and after freeing himself from one of Ultraman Zero attempts to seal him away, Ultraman Belial finally revealed himself to the Universe for the first time since the Impact Crisis... Confronting his son in the middle of a battle between him and an Alien Godora, despite the assistance of Zero Beyond, Belial was able to handle both ultras with little effort, and the twisted Ultra viciously attacked his own son, even transforming into a Fusion Beast known as "Chimeraberos". The First Day of the End of the World Chimeraberos absorbed Geed into his own body and flew off to the Moon, where Belial brainwashed Riku by reminding him of humanity's continuous distrust in him for his resemblance to Belial. Corrupted by his own father, Geed was tricked into using Chimeraberos's body to battle against Zero Beyond (who had arrived to save him, oblivious to Belial's corruption of him.) However, Laiha was teleported to the inside Chimeraberos's body as well (by Ultraman King,) and she tried to snap Geed out of Belial's control by reminding Riku of the times he spent with his friends, and of the more pleasent times he had on earth.

With Laiha's words gradually freeing him from Belial's control, Riku finally snapped out of it and escaped from Chimeraberos's body. Dragging their battle back down to Earth. Geed battled Chimeraberos with all of his forms, while Laiha prayed for Geed to win, and like the others who have done so before her, her Little Star left her body and took the form of Geed's strongest Ultra Capsule yet: Ultraman King! Riku was thus presented with a sword known as the "King Sword," and merging it with his Ultra Capsules, Geed transformed into his new Royal Mega-Master form and easily brushed off all of Chimeraberos's attacks, as well as bombarded him with the unfathomble power of Ultraman King. Riku then told Belial that while he could never escape his family's legacy, he could still change his own fate. To which her finally destroyed Chimeraberos and Ultraman Belial with his Royal End attack. Having witnessed his heroics, the population of Japan finally saw the good in Geed, and the Ultra was finally accepted as their hero. The King's Miracle! Time to Change Fate!!

Belial's Second Coming

Although Geed had managed to finally defeat his father and change his own destiny, his troubles were far from over... Kei was revealed to still be alive, but was severely weakened from their last fight and suffering from amnesia. Before Riku could deal with the hysterical alien though, he and his friends were confronted by a Dada in a customized Legionoid, who was out to kill Kei for murdering one of his men. During the fiasco involving the alien, Kei eventually regained his memories and became a threat to Riku and his friends once more. Inheritor of the Dream With Belial gone, Taking shelter with a non-fiction writer named "Isikari Arie," who was influenced by Kei's enigmatic persona and after learning about his secrets involving the Ultras, Kei plotted to finish what his master started: The destruction of Riku's Universe. During Riku and Kei's reignited battles, Riku learned that Kei was after 2 incredibly powerful Monster Capsules that once belonged to him: Alien Emperor and Dark Lugiel.

Working together with Arie, the duo managed to procure the capsules from AIB, and after battling against Riku as King Galactron, Kei double-crossed Arie and stabbed her with an energy blade. Repossession With the capsules back in Kei's possession, Riku challenged the Alien Sturm to one final battle in Okinawa, where the two met and fought fiercely. Despite Kei's efforts, using both Monster Capsules and the power of the Alien Sturm's Sun to his advantage to balloon his Pedanium Zetton to titanic proportions, Geed's Royal Mega-Master form and Fusion Beast's own size was Kei's own undoing, and the Alien Sturm was beaten by the Ultra once more. After their battle though, Arie suddenly reappeared, taking the monster capsules from Kei, and tearing out his Sturm Organs to consume them herself. Arie revealed that she was Ultraman Belial in disguise the whole time! The evil Ultra had granted Kei the ability to Fusion Rise without knowing it so as to strengthen him until this moment. With Kei of no more use to him, and strong enough to return to full-power once more, Belial used the Monster Capsules of Alien Emperor and Dark Lugiel to transform into a new demonic fusion form... Ultraman Belial Atrocious. The Sturm's Light

Ultraman Geed

Ultras - Ultraman Geed (Original Form)

Ultras - Ultraman Geed (Primitive)


  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 41,000 tons

Ultras - Ultraman Geed (Solid Burning)

Solid Burning

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 45,000 tons

Ultras - Ultraman Geed (Acro Smasher)

Acro Smasher

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 35,000 tons

Ultras - Ultraman Geed (Magnificent)


  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 47,000 tons

Geed-Geed Royal Mega Master

Royal Mega-Master

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 48,000 tons

Geed-Geed Shining Mystic

Shining Mystic

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 38,000 tons

Geed-Geed Tri-Slugger


  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 52,000 tons

Geed-Geed Mugen Crosser

Mugen Crosser

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 43,000 tons

Geed-Geed Brave Challenger

Brave Challenger

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 50,000 tons

Geed-Geed Fire Leader

Fire Leader

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 47,000 tons

Geed-Geed Le-OverFist


  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 50,000 tons

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 44,000 tons

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 44,000 tons

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 58,000 tons

Ultras - Ultraman Geed (Ultimate Final)

Ultimate Final

  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 42,000 tons

Behind the Scenes


  • Riku Asakura is portrayed by Tatsuomi Hamada (濱田龍臣 Hamada Tatsuomi). As Ultraman Geed, his suit actor is Hideyoshi Iwata (岩田 栄慶 Iwata Hideyoshi)


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