This article is about a/an monster in The Return of Ultraman.

Seamons (シーモンス - Shīmonsu) is a Monster that first appeared in the TV series, The Return of Ultraman. She appeared in episodes 13 and 14, "Terror of The Tsunami. Tokyo's Big Pinch" and "Terror of Two Big Monsters-Tokyo's Big Tornado", (respectively).

Subtitle: Tsunami Monster (津波怪獣 - Tsunami Kaijū)

Character History

The Return of Ultraman

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Appearances in other media

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Other appearances

Stage Shows

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Video Games

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Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes

  • Seamons was designed by Ken Kumagai.


  • Seamons is portrayed by two suit actors, Moridaira (name unknown due to it not being listed) and Takanobu Toya (for one scene only).


  • At the time of The Return of Ultraman's broadcasting, a Magazine Article stated that after being defeated by Ultraman Jack and MAT, Seamons and Seagoras returned to the ocean floor and had a few children called "Minigoras."


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