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Seven's Superior
Seven's Superior
Human Hosts: None
Gender: Male
Series: Ultraseven
Height: 40 m
Weight: 30,000 tons
Homeworld: Planet Ultra
First Appearance: The Greatest Invasion in History
Last Appearance: Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers
Number of Episode
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Actor(s): Fumio Wada

Seven's Superior (セブン上司, Sebun Jōshi) is the superior of the Land of Light's Intersection Observer #340, better known as Ultraseven.

Character History

An alien hailing from Nebula M78 sharing an identical appearance to our titular hero, Seven's Superior arrives on Earth near the end of Ultraseven's stay in an attempt to pressure the hero to return home, seeing that Ultraseven's battles on Earth has worn down his body and left him weak and battered. Failing to persuade his subordinate, Seven's Superior hurled the Ultra Eye towards a clock in Dan Moroboshi's room before disappearing. 

Appearing again in front of Dan after the hero escaped from the TDF hospital in order to confront a resurrected Pandon, Seven's Superior issued the dire warning that "If you transform, you will die." The warning was yet again met with rejection and Seven's Superior disappeared, allowing Dan to transform for his final battle.

Behind the Scenes


Seven's Superior was portrayed by an uncredited suit actor. His voice was provided by Fumio Aada.


  • In TNT's English dub of the Ultraseven series, Seven's Superior is given the name of "Rutler." The character was unnamed in the original Japanese, and only known as Seven's Superior.
    • In a similar vein, the Japanese script depicted Seven's Superior only as "Alien from Nebula M78". Meanwhile, the Shogakukan magazine issue in 1967 depicted his name as "Big Seven". The name "Seven's Superior" was rushed out by Tsuburaya Productions in 1973.
  • The suit used for the character was the same used for Ultraseven. Although this gesture was done to simulate Zoffy's connections to Ultraman, copying Zoffy's near identical appearance to Ultraman and his position as the former's superior, it is unknown as to why Seven's Superior received no changes in his costume design to differentiate himself from Ultraseven.
  • It has been often speculated in the Japanese community that the scenes featuring Seven's Superior actually only occurred in Dan's own mind; depicting a series of rhetorical questions that Dan now must ask himself to logically make a reason for him to remain on Earth. This speculation is further backed by Tsuburaya productions having practically forgotten the character's existence for an extended period before rashly making a name for the forgotten hero in 1973. 
  • Seven's Superior made an uncredited cameo appearance in Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers, when the Dan Moroboshi of that universe reminesced about his alternate universe counterpart being Ultraseven