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Sevenger (セブンガー - Sebungā) is a Robot Monster that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Leo. It appeared in episode 34, "The Ultra Brothers' Eternal Vow".

Subtitle: Monster Ball (怪獣ボール - Kaijū Bōru)

Character History

Ultraman Leo

Sevenger was a "Monster Ball." A Robot that was sealed inside of a metal ball that was in the possession of Ultraman Jack, who was headed for Earth to deliver the robot to Captain Dan for his and MAC's assistance. However, Jack was ambushed in mid-transport by the space monster, Ashuran, who was after the Monster Ball too! Jack managed to fend the monster for the most part, but after Ashuran trapped Jack in a black mask, the Ultra was forced to retreat to Earth, only to pass out from his injuries on a beach and retreat into the form of Goh. He was eventually found by Gen and taken to recover, but MAC didn't know that Goh had left behind Sevenger's ball on the beach.

Later on once Ashuran landed on Earth to rampage (having followed after Jack,) Goh had managed to recover enough to locate Sevenger's ball (which was in danger of being broken by some children.) Goh managed to retrieve the ball and came to assist MAC by unleashing Sevenger to battle Ashuran instead. Surprisingly, Sevengar was able to handle the monster with ease, easily beating down Ashuran and shrugging off all that was thrown at it. However just as it seemed Sevenger was about to finish off Ashuran, the robot's time limit ran out at it returned to its ball while Ashuran fled the scene. Afterwards once Ashuran was killed by Jack and Leo, Sevenger's Ball was left in Dan's possession while Jack took the Ultra Eye with him to have it repaired.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Armor: Sevenger's armor is durable enough to withstand a direct hit from some energy attacks without flinching or slowing down.


Sevenger can only battle for 1 minute. Afterwards, it will retreat into its ball and cannot be usable again for the next 50 hours

Behind the scenes


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