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Suflan (スフラン - Sufuran) is a life-form that first appeared in the TV series, Ultraman. It appeared in episodes 8 and 26, "The Lawless Monster Zone" and part 1 of "The Prince of Monsters."

Subtitle: Strange Plant (怪奇植物 - Kaiki Shokubutsu)

Character History


Suflan was a Carnivorous Plant that grew all over Tatara Island (which was inhabited by Red King, Chandrah, Magular, and Pigmon). When Arashi, Ide, and Fuji of the Science Patrol explored the Island's jungle to look for the missing Observers, they accidentally wandered into a thick patch of Suflan, where the plants attacked them by ensnaring Fuji and Ide. Luckily, Arashi manages to burn down the Plant's vines with his Spider Shot, freeing his comrades and allowing them to escape before more of them could attack.

Later in episode 26, (entitled "The Prince of Monsters,") More Suflan were spotted, this time on Johnson Island, where a patch of them attacked an explorer who was a part of Dr. Nakatani's expedition. Like before though, the explorer was saved by Arashi burning the Plant's vines with his Spider Shot, allowing them to escape before more of them could attack.


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Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes


  • Suflan are NOT portrayed by an actors. It was created and utilized via puppetry in all of its appearances.


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