This article is about a/an episode director in Ultraman Max.
Takashi Miike
Takashi Miike
Born August 24, 1960
Born in Yao, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Job(s) Episode Director
Seasons active:
Ultraman Max

Takashi Miike is a prolific Japanese film director in the cinema industry, known for several works that are deemed controversial and/or odd in style, such as the ultra-violent Ichi the Killer or the surreal superhero film Zebraman.

Despite his controversy, his range as a film director is surprisingly diverse, having directed Yakuza crime dramas and even children's films.

In 2005, Miike was an episode director for Ulraman Max


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Personal life

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  • Zebraman II- director
  • YattermanIcon-crosswiki -director
  • The Great Yokai War- director
  • Zebraman- director


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