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Terranoid (テラノイド - Teranoido) is a human-built imitation Ultra that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Dyna. It appeared in episode 49, part 1 of the 3-part final episodes, "Final Chapter I: A New Shadow". After being infected, she became Zelganoid (ゼルガノイド - Zeruganoido).

  • Terranoid Subtitle: Artificial Ultraman (人造ウルトラマン - Jinzō Urutoraman)
  • Zelganoid Subtitle: Super Synthetic Mutant (超合成獣人 - Chō gōsei kemonohito)

Character History

Ultraman Dyna

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Soon after being revealed, a group of Sphires began to attack Mars, and Terranoid was sent out to fight them. However, while Terranoid was strong and defeated most of the Sphires, the machine soon began to weaken as any real Ultra would. the Sphires overpowered the robot, merging with it and causing drastic mutations across Terranoid's entire body. Her skin grew gnarled and dark grey, and her face became heavily distorted. Wing-like spines grew out of the imitation Ultra's back, and their body grew heavy and muscular instead of the thin and lightweight body an Ultra usually has.

Now with its mind completely destroyed by the mutation, Terranoid was re-christened as Zelganoid, and began to wreak havoc across the Martian Surface, quickly setting its sights on the Black Buster Corps base.

Other appearances

Stage Shows

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Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes



  • Along with Algyuros's Imitation Ultraman Agul form, Terranoid (as Zelganoid) is one of the few imitation Ultras to have exhibited facial expressions. While Zelganoid violently beats Dyna down, she gives off a malevolent grin.



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