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This article is about a/an episode in Ultraman Ginga.
The Hater of Dreams
Ultraman Ginga, Episode 5
Ginga ep picture 05
Air date August 7th, 2013
Directed by Kengo Kaji
Episode Guide
The Idol Is Ragon
The Battle for Dreams

The Hater of Dreams (夢を憎むもの - Yume o Nikumu Mono) is the 5th episode of the series, Ultraman Ginga. This episode aired on August 7th, 2013.[1]


During a sudden battle with Jean-Killer, Hikaru learns about the time limit that he can fuse with Ultraman. While discussing the matter with Misuzu and Chigusa, the group is seen by Kenta who worries that he's being left out. As Kenta fumes, he becomes prey for an Alien Valkie!


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External Links


  1. Tsuburaya's Official Website's synopsis on "The Hater of Dreams"

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