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The Ultra Star is the forty-ninth episode of Ultraman Tiga. This episode features a team-up crossover with the original Ultraman as well as a fictionalized account of how series creator Eiji Tsuburaya and his production staff came up with the Ultra Series. The episode was made to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Ultraman.


An alien monster collector overhears that Tsuburaya Productions makes the best monsters. Misunderstanding this, he thinks the studio has real monsters and goes back in time to 1966 to speak with Eiji Tsuburaya to purchase or find a monster. Daigo follows the alien through the time portal and tries to stop him while meeting the production crew of a new TV Series that has yet to be made.


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  • Being an anniversary episode, the ending credits features footage from the original Ultraman show instead of the standard ending.
  • This episode in notable for showing viewers a few of the behind-the-scenes filming techniques used to create tokusatsu programs such as miniature models and practical effects.


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