This article is about a series entry (the 8th) in the Ultraman franchise.
Ultra Series Title Card - 08 - The Ultraman
The Ultraman
Number: 8
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: Birth of a New Hero
Original airing: April 4, 1979 – March 26, 1980
Production Order
Ultraman Leo
Ultraman 80

The Ultraman was a 1979 anime series and the 8th entry in the Ultra Series. It is one of only two animated entries to be considered canon to the franchise, the other being Ultraman: The Adventure Begins.


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Scientific Defense Guard


Supporting Characters

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  1. Birth of a New Hero
  2. The Secret of The Shining Pendant
  3. When the Weed Whistle Blows in the Evening
  4. Chase of the Mysterious Red Cloud
  5. The Passenger! Break through the Underground
  6. Challenge to the Burning Deep Sea
  7. The Secret of Team Member Hikari Is Stolen!?
  8. Terror of the Awakened Ancient Creature
  9. The Challenge of The Science Garrison
  10. You Are Ultraman
  11. The Living Phantom Bird
  12. The Mysterious Monster Island
  13. This is The Ultra Star, Part 1
  14. This is The Ultra Star, Part 2
  15. This is The Ultra Star, Part 3
  16. The Female Ultra Warrior
  17. The Stolen Monster Asylum Planet, Part 1
  18. The Stolen Monster Asylum Planet, Part 2
  19. The Targeted Giant Warship Ultria
  20. The Boy Who Brought A Monster
  21. Clash! Ultraman vs. Ultraman
  22. Monkey Became a Monster!?
  23. The Ultria Broke in Half!?
  24. To the Ultra Star! Conclusion – Victory Toward Peace

Video Release

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Video Games

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  • The Ultraman is notable for being one of the projects of anime studio Sunrise during its early years of operation. The anime premiered around the same time as another more famous property owned by the company: Mobile Suit Gundam.