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This article is about a/an episode in Ultraman Mebius.
Two From the Deep Sea
Ultraman Mebius, Episode 6
Mebius ep 6 picture
Air date May 13, 2006
Directed by Takano Toshiyuki
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Two From the Deep Sea (深海の二人 Shinkai no Futari) is the 6th episode of the series, Ultraman Mebius. This episode aired on May 13th, 2006.[1]


Tension arises in GUYS when Marina and Ryu butt heads over how to do missions. Meanwhile the monster, Twintail appears underwater, and the identity of the mysterious woman is revealed as the heinous life-form, "Bogal."


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External Link


  1. Tsuburaya's Official Website's synopsis on "Two From the Deep Sea"

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