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U-Killersaurus (Uキラーザウルス - U-Kirāzaurusu) is a Super Beast that appeared in the film, Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers. During the film's climax, he becomes U-Killersaurus Neo (Uキラーザウルス・ネオ - U-Kirāzaurusu Neo).

  • Subtitle: Ultimate Super Beast (究極超獣 - Kyūkyoku Chōjū) (U-Killersaurus)
  • Subtitle: Ultimate Giant Super Beast (究極巨大超獣 - Kyūkyoku Kyodai Chōjū) (U-Killersaurus Neo)

Character History

Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers

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U-Killersaurus Neo

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Appearances in other media

Ultimate Force Zero: Another Space Adventure

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Mega Monster Rush: Ultra Frontier

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Other appearances

Stage Shows

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Video Games

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Weapons and Abilities


  • Fireballs: U-Killersaurus can fire massive, purple fireballs. Where he fires them from however is unknown.
  • Saurus Stinger: The spikes on U-Killersaurus' back act as missiles. They can be launched out and explode on contact. Each missile is basic in power, but the number of them make their attack devastating.
  • Terrible Flasher: U-Killersaurus can emit a bright flash of light from the purple orbs on his chest. This flash can stun his opponents for a short period of time as well as make them flinch.
  • Clawed Tentacles: U-Killersaurus is equipped with 4 large clawed tentacles that can extend several hundreds of thousands of feet. While these tentacles can ensnare, grip, and bash opponents.
  • Flight: U-Killersaurus has rocket-like boosters on his back, which enable him to fly at great speeds, even in space.

U-Killersaurus Neo

In addition to his previous superpowers, U-Killersaurus Neo additional powers are:

  • Saurus Full Burst: U-Killersaurus Neo's strongest attack. A powerful death beam that is fired from in between its mandibles and can vaporize anyone or anything in a single hit.
  • Feeler Shock: U-Killersaurus Neo can fire a red electrical beam of energy from his tentacles. This beam is strong enough to destroy an opponent in one hit.
  • Killer Eye Ray: U-Killersaurus Neo can fire beams of blue energy from his eyes.
  • Dynamite Eraser: U-Killersaurus Neo is equipped with a powerful energy cannon on its undersided belly.
  • Killer Warheads: Like his original form, the spikes on U-Killersaurus' back act as missiles. They can be launched out and explode on contact. They are more numerous however in this form.
  • Clawed Tentacles: Like his original form, U-Killersaurus is now equipped with 6 large clawed tentacles
  • Mandibles: U-Killersaurus Neo has very large, powerful, crushing mandibles on the front half of his body.

Behind the scenes


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  • The "U" in U-Killersaurus stands for "Ultra" since U-Killersaurus was created by Yapool to kill the Ultra Brothers.