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Ultra Series Title Card - EX - Ultra Fight Orb
Ultra Fight Orb
Number: EX
Number of episodes: 8
First episode:
Original airing: April 15, 2017 - June 3, 2017
Production Order
Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga
Ultraman Geed

Ultra Fight Orb (ウルトラファイトオーブ - Urutora Faito Ōbu) is a short story series in the Ultra Fight format which premiered as part of the Ultraman Zero The Chronicle block on April 15, 2017.


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Ultraman Orb Kurenai Gai
Ultraman Zero
Ultraman Jack
Ultraman Geed



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# Chronicle # Alien/Monster Appearances Summary
1 15 A ghostly figure is seen plotting to avenge his fallen master by reviving monsters whom have fallen to the Ultra Brothers. Meanwhile, Ultraman Orb is seen in battle against a Demaaga. After the Ultra makes short work of the Monster by taking on his Lightning Attacker form, he is called out to by a mysterious voice.
2 16 On Planet Yomi, Ultraman Zero is ambushed by the revived Juda Specter and a Mecha Gomora. Just as the Ultra is being double-teamed though, he is saved by the timely arrival of Ultraman Orb (who had followed after the same energy that made up Demaaga's essence). The two ultras proceed to work together to combat their revived adversaries.
3 17 After Zero transforms into Ultimate Zero and Orb transforms into Orb Trinity, both superpowered Ultras destroy Juda Specter and Mecha Gomora. Shortly after discussing their private affairs though, both Ultras are confronted by the ghostly figure, who reveals himself as "Reibatos," a being who carries the genes of the desceased Alien Reiblood. Planning to rule the Galaxy in place of his fallen master by reviving and controlling Monsters, Reibatos also plots to eliminate the only obsticles in his way: The Ultra Brothers!  Starting with Zero and Orb, Reibatos proceeds to revive the monsters: King Joe, Gudon, Twintail, Birdon, Hyper Zetton, and Vict Lugiel!
4 18 Despite managing to destroy Hyper Zetton and Vict Lugiel, Zero and Orb are quickly overpowered by Reibatos's revived monsters. While the Ghost Sorcerer flees the scene, Orb goes after Reibatos while Zero is left to deal with the remaining monsters, who quickly outnumber and overpower him. Fortunately for Zero, help arrives for him in the form of the Space Garrison members: Zoffy, Ultraseven, and Ultraman Jack! As the four ultras battle the remaining monsters, Orb confronts Reibatos on a stray meteor to stop the Ghost Sorcerer's plans.
5 19 With the odds evened, the Ultra Brothers manage to destroy all of Reibatos's revived Monsters, while Orb is still locked in battle against Reibatos himself. However even after taking his Orb Trinity form, Reibatos's immortality allows the Ghost Sorcerer to defeat Orb in battle and flee once more. After learning from Orb of Reibatos's plan to revive 100 Monsters in his quest to conquer the Universe, Zero and Seven opt for a new strategy...
6 20 Reibatos arrives at the Monster Graveyard to fetch the weapon that can assist him in his Universal Conquest: The Giga Battle Nizer! With Zoffy and Jack as his only opposition, the Ghost Sorcerer unleashes Tyrant on both Ultras while he prepares the revival of his Monster Army. Meanwhile, Ultraman Orb completes his new training with Zero and Seven after spending 10 years in their shining field and thus receives a new form: Orb Emerium Slugger!
7 21 With his new Emerium Slugger form, Orb, Zero, and Seven arrive to save Zoffy and Jack and the trio of Ultras destroy Tyrant with their combined powers. With the Chimera Monster destroyed, Zero takes Orb to Reibatos's hideout, where the newly-powered Ultra and the Ghost Sorcerer battle fiercely to determine the fate of the Universe.
8 22 After a fierce battle, Orb finally destroys Reibatos (unaware to him that with the Ghost Sorcerer's defeat, the Giga Battle Nizer has mysteriously vanished). With the threat eliminate, the Space Garrison offers Orb the opportunity to join them, but Gai turns down the offer to traverse the universe as a wanderer. Unknown to the Ultra Brothers though, Reibatos revives himself once more, only to be confronted and destroyed once more... This time by a mysterious new Ultraman!


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