This article is about a/an list of episodes in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.
  1. The Lawless Monster Planet (怪獣無法惑星 Kaijū Muhō Wakusei)
  2. The Fifth Crewman (五人目のクルー Goninme no Kurū)
  3. The Transparent Monster Attacks! (透明怪獣襲撃! Tōmei Kaijū Shūgeki!)
  4. Bemstar Has Arrived! (ベムスター参上! Bemusutā Sanjō!)
  5. The Trap in Belargo City (ベラルゴシティの罠 Berarugo Shiti no Wana)
  6. Another Monster Tamer (もう一人の怪獣使い Mō Hitori no Kaijūtsukai)
  7. The Stone Which Calls Monsters (怪獣を呼ぶ石 Kaijū o Yobu Ishi)
  8. The Underwater King (水中の王者 Suichū no Ōja)
  9. The Pendragon Doesn't Rise to the Surface! (ペンドラゴン浮上せず! Pendoragon Fujōsezu!)
  10. Unexpected Reunion (予期せぬ再会 Yoki Senu Saikai)
  11. Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman)
  12. Reiblood (レイブラッド Reiburaddo)
  13. Planet Escape (惑星脱出 Wakusei Dasshutsu)

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