2 - Ultraman
This article is about a comic book series in the Ultraman franchise.

Ultraman was a comic book series published by the Harvey Comics imprint Nemesis which ran for 5 issues starting in March of 1994 and abruptly ended in September 1994 due to the bankruptcy of the company. It is loosely based off of the TV series Ultraman: Towards the Future, but features inconsistencies from writers who believed it to be a remake of the 1966 series.

List of issues

Image Issue No. Release Date
Ultraman Issue #-1 (Nemesis)
Nemesis Issue 1
Ultraman Issue #1 (Nemesis) March 3, 1994
Ultraman Issue 2
Ultraman Issue #2 (Nemesis)
Ultra issue 3
Ultraman Issue #3 (Nemesis)
UM nemesis Issue four
Ultraman Issue #4 (Nemesis) (Final issue)


  • Despite not being canon to the TV series, Issue #4 features the first appearance of a blue Ultraman. (2 years before Ultraman Tiga debuted)