This article is about a/an Ultra in Ultraman Gaia.
Agul new V2
Ultraman Agul
Human Host: Hiroya Fujimiya
Gender: Male
Series: Ultraman Gaia
Height: 52 m
Weight: 46,000 tons
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: His Name is Gaia
Last Appearance:
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Actor(s): Hassei Takano

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Character History

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Ultraman Agul

Agul V1

Ultraman Agul V1

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Agul V2

Ultraman Agul V2

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Behind the Scenes


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  • Ultraman Agul is the first Ultraman in the franchise with a primary color of blue.
    • While Ultraman Dyna is the first to heavily featured the color blue in his Flash and Miracle-Type forms, Agul is the first Ultraman to feature blue exclusively in his V1 form.