This article is about a/an Ultra in Ultraman Ginga.
Ultraman Ginga
Human Host: Hikaru Raido
Gender: Male
Series: Ultraman Ginga
Ultraman Ginga S
Height: m
Weight: tons
First Appearance: Town Where Stars Fall
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Fuses into: Ultraman Ginga Victory
Actor(s): Tomokazu Sugita

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Character History

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Ultraman Ginga

Ultr Ginga

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Thunder Bolt attack.

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Ginga Fireball

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Ginga Saber Pic

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Ginga Comfort Medium Quality

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Ginga Cross Shot

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Ginga Sunshine

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Ginga Especially 3456

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Ultraman Ginga Storium

Storium is a powered up form of Ultraman Ginga. By activating the Storium Brace, a power-up given to him by Ultraman Taro, Ginga can transform into Stroium form. Storium form can utilize the powers of the 6 Ultra Brothers, primarily their finishers.

  • Ultraman: Specium Ray
  • Taro: Storium Ray

Ginga Victory

Ginga Victory is Ultraman Ginga's Fusion form with Ultraman Victory. By utilizing both the Ginga Spark and the Victory Lancer and locking them into the Fusion Brace, the two Ultras can transform into Ginga Victory form. [1] In this form, Ginga can access the powers of the past 10 Heisei Ultramen from Ultraman Tiga to Ultraman Zero.

Behind the Scenes


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