This article is about a Ultra in the Ultraman franchise.
Ultraman King
Human Hosts: none
Gender: Male
Series: Ultraman Leo
Height: 58 m
Weight: 56,000 tons
Homeworld: Planet King
First Appearance: The Leo Brothers and The Ultra Brothers, Time of Victory
Last Appearance: Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor(s): Kiyokawa Motoyume
Hiroshi Masuoka
Junichiro Koizumi

Ultraman King is the leader of the Space Garrison, as well as one of the oldest Ultras to have ever lived. While not necessarily the Land of Light's king, he is looked upon as a god by many Ultras, as he is thought to have been alive from before the creation of the Plasma Spark.

Character History

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Ultraman King


Ultraman King

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Behind the Scenes


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