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Ultraman Max Arrives! (ウルトラマンマックス誕生! - Urutoraman Makkusu Tanjō!) is the 1st episode of the series, Ultraman Max. This episode aired on July 2nd, 2005.[1]


When Monsters, once thought to be imaginary, begin to attack humanity. It's up to Kaito Touma to become Ultraman Max to defend Earth.


The scene opens up in Space where a mysterious Red Orb of Energy is seen orbiting Earth. Down on Earth, a family is seen having a camp out near an abandoned Volcano known as "Mt. Ryugendake," while their son, Shota is going off to collect some bugs with a Butterfly Net. As Shota searches though, he stumbles across a small cave, where an ominous moaning is heard bellowing from it. during the camp out though, the area sudden is hit by an earthquake and the family hurries off to find Shota before he's hurt, while Shota himself witnesses a Giant eye appearing out from the Cave! Suddenly, Mt. Ryugendake erupts, and residents are warned to evacuate from the site. Farther off in the same region, a Volunteer program is seen offering food and shelter for those who are fleeing from Mt. Ryugendake when they notice Shota and his Family (who have managed to escape before Mt. Ryugendake erupted.) Shota tries to warn an officer that he saw a Monster in the Cave, but no one believes, including his family who takes him away out of embarrassment.

Wanting to prove that he was telling the truth, Shota returns back to the cave where he noticed the eye. He is about to take a picture of the Monster with a Camera when all of a sudden, another earthquake occurs and the Monster, named "Grangon," emerges from out of the side of Mt. Ryugendake! Nearby, the refugees notice Grangon and they panic. However one of the workers from the Volunteer program, a man named "Kaito Touma," after hearing that Shota is lost, goes off in a Van to go rescue the Boy. Meanwhile in farther off Japan, a United Defense Federation group known as DASH (Defense Action Squad Heroes) hears of Grangon's presence in Area JI549, and they head off to deal with the Monster. DASH manages to outsmart Grangon by evading the Monster's fireballs and blasting it with their weapons. Once Grangon is distracted by Kaito rescuing Shota and attempts to kill him instead, DASH takes advantage of the opportunity and fires on Grangon with their Freeze Missiles, freezing the Monster solid and allowing DASH to shatter Grangon by ramming him with the DASH Bird 2.

While Kaito has rescued Shota and is praised by the boy's parents, he is treated rather coldly by one of DASH's members: Mizuki Koishikawa, who claims what Kaito did was reckless. Back at DASH's HQ, their senior members, Chief Kenzo Tomioka and Professor Yukari Yoshinaga deduce that the reason for Grangon's appearance was due to the fact that Earth's ecosystem is out of balance, and as a result, Monsters have begun appearing all over Earth to attack humanity. During Yoshinaga's explanation though, DASH Android Members informs the team that another Monster has appeared, this time in the Izu Peninsula. The Monster, named "Lagoras," attacks a Boat docking bay area and the City nearby as it proceeds to head towards Ryugen Town. DASH immediately heads to the scene and tries to stop Lagoras's attack. Unlike Grangon though, Lagoras proves to be a much more tougher Monster, and it keeps DASH at bay with its Freezer Beam ability. To make matters worse, the Lava flow from Mt. Ryugendake's eruption overtakes the shattered pieces of Grangon and manages to revive the Monster once more!

Ultimately, DASH is unable to stop Lagoras's rampage, and Lagoras confronts Grangon, where the two Monsters do battle. During their fight, Grangon and Lagoras attempt to strike one another with their respective Breath Weapons, only for them to collide and cause a Shockwave, which disables DASH vehicles, hindering them from fighting the Monsters any further. During Grangon and Lagoras's fray, Mizuki's ship is struck by Grangon's tail and it causes her to crash. Luckily, she is freed from her wreckage by none other than Kaito (whom was at a nearby hospital tending to Shota.) With Mizuki out of action, Kaito opts to take her place in fighting the Monsters (having tried to apply for DASH in the past, only to have failed in the final exam,) and he pilots Mizuki's DASH Bird 1 to stop the Monsters' battle. However even with the assistance of DASH blasting the monsters on land, Kaito's efforts are futile in stopping Grangon and Lagoras's fight, and he is shot down by Lagoras's Freezer Beam.

Suddenly just as Kaito is about to crash, the Red Orb from Space flies down from the atmosphere and overtakes DASH's ship, mere seconds before it can crash. Kaito himself has also been transported to a rainbow-colored, void-like location, where he is greeted by a being composed entirely of Light. The Being informs Kaito that he is impressed by Kaito's selfless actions in protecting other at the expense of his own life. Wishing to fight alongside him from now on, the being offers Kaito a device known as the "Max Spark," to help him and with it, Kaito transforms into the being, known as Ultraman Max! Breaking up the two Monsters' battle, Ultraman Max battles Grangon and Lagoras both at the same time. Despite the odds being against him though, Ultraman Max manages to keep both Monsters at bay with ease, and finally the Ultra destroys both Grangon and Lagoras with a single blast of his Maxium Cannon.

Sometime later back at DASH's HQ, the Captain of DASH, Shigeru Hijikata informs the other members that due to the appearances of the Monsters, DASH has hired a new recruit to their team: Kaito Touma himself! (Having been promoted to the team for his heroics in saving Mizuki and taking on Grangon and Lagoras by himself.) Later that day, Mizuki confronts Kaito while he is on his own and she thanks him for rescuing her earlier. Then, DASH's alarm goes off and DASH prepares for their next mission, now with Kaito as their newest member!


Special Guests

  • Sato Yuki as Shota
  • Natsuko Yamamoto as Shota's Mother
  • Takeshi Yano as Shota's Mother
  • Kosuke Sato as a Policeman
  • Naoki Nakanishi as CBC Announcer

Suit Actors


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