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 Ultraman Taro is a young Ultra, who is the only true son of Mother of Ultra and Father Ultra. He is considered by many to be one of the most powerful Ultramen. He is the youngest member of The 6 Ultra Brothers.



 Taro began as an average Ultra child. At young age, he was among the children who lost their parents, and had many adventures looking for them. Taro always seemed to stay near his rumored cousin, Ultraseven.

 About 2 years after Taro found his parents, he was over eager to become an Ultra Hero one day. Taro was at one point pretending to be an Ultra Hero, and began to pick on the younger child, Dukkon. Taro soon got into a fight with him, until Mother of Ultra broke it up. They shook hands, and became good freinds later on. Taro's faher told him that Ultramen do not pick up fights, unless needed to. Taro understood him, and countinued training.

Years passed. Taro, now a young adult, was training to be a hero still. His Father ws his teacher in training. However, Taro's father sadly did not think Taro was strong enough to be an Ultra Hero. Upset, but still hopefull, Taro tried his best to prove to his Father that he can be strong enough. Watching past footage of his fellow brothers in action.

 With rumors of Juda's return, all of the Ultramen were on watch. Juda summoned Hipporito to kill the Ultramen the same way he did the previous year, but win. Taro's father arrived to help. Wining, but horribly in jured, Taro knew it was his chance, considering that his father cannot fight for a while. Juda summoned more monsters. They were Fire Eleking, and Emmargo. Though Taro killed them both, his father still was not impressed.

Taro making up with Dukkon

 Taro eventually knew that he would not ever be able to become an Ultra Hero. Not long after his war with the 2 monsters, Juda summoned his greatest monster ever. Grand King. Father of Ultra was too injured to help The 5 Ultra Brothers. The 5 Ultramen were helpless, until Taro arrived to help. Taro helped the Ultra Brothers greatlly. With the help of teamwork, Grand King was killed, along with Juda. The 5 Ultramen convinced Taro's father to let him join their team. Taro's father finally agreed. That made Taro the youngest member of The 6 Ultra Brothers, with the possible exception of Ultraman and Ultraman Ace.

 Kotaro Higashi was a normal human that wanted to be a championship boxer. However, fate had other plans as he fell thousands of feet from the Earth after Astromons, a new creature in the third age of monsters, shook him off. The Five Ultra Brothers brought Kotaro's body to their home world of Nebula M-78 many years into the past. It was there that Mother of Ultra merged Kotaro with Ultraman Taro, who would now form the Six Ultra Brothers. After the merge was complete, Kotaro was taken back to present day Earth being the human host of Taro and as Astromons was ravaging a city Kotaro turned into Taro. Not long after Astromons's defeat Kotaro joined ZAT and fought in a new era of monsters.

Taro battled several monsters and aliens, such as Birdon


Taro punches Grand King

 Birdon was an evil creature that killed Zoffy and Taro.

Locked inside an ancient volcano, Birdon is possibly the last of his kind. When that same volcano began to erupt, not only Kemujira were awakened, but also their age old predator, Birdon. The creature attacked a small science institute by the volcano and fed on one of the tiny Kemujiras there. He then headed toward Japan to feast on the much larger adult form. When arriving, it also discovered Ultraman Taro doing battle against its food. Birdon decided to attack Taro first, lunging at the hero with its massive beak. The hero's timer had begun to flash already, and Birdon stabbed his beak into his back. The hero seemed down for the count as he was tossed into a building and stabbed multiple times by Birdon again. Luckily for our hero, Z.A.T attacked, but even they couldn't hold it off long once it unleashed the fire. The massive creature once again began to attack Ultraman Taro.

Birdon soon grew tired of the silver and red hero and left him to die, but as he wandered the battle ground, Kemujira attacked him. The insect-like kaiju tried to free when Birdon flapped his wings, getting rid of the mist, but the bird followed him, and ran him down until a wall of fire blocked his path. The predatory bird kaiju pushed him through the flames and began his assault once more. The creature impaled its beak into him, and soon again in his throat. Birdon ripped the insect to pieces. After feeding on some small pieces, Birdon left the area, leaving the corpse of Kemujira behind.

The massive bird retreated back to his volcano home. After attacking a passing jet, he began to clear his nesting grounds of the toxic fumes by blowing them down into the village below. The creature now considered the entire area his, even using a small lake as a massive bird bath. Eventually Z.A.T attacked it again, dumping a mass of sticky substance on Birdon. The substance clung to his face and the ground. As they began their main assault, Birdon began to tear his own skin off his face in order to remove it. As Z.A.T's attacks soon failed, Ultraman Zoffy, the same Ultraman who saved the first Ultraman in the late 1960's and who carted Taro away, attacked.

The giant's attacks at first, seemed to work. The massive bird quickly grew tired of the assault and unleashed his flames, igniting Zoffy's head! The red and silver hero jumped into the lake, but Birdon was quickly on top him. Like he did with Taroh, Birdon impaled his beak into Zoffy's back. The hero couldn't take much more as the massive creature stabbed him multiple times after. Zoffy soon lay dead with Birdon standing on top him, squawking. The bird took to the air, leaving the body of Zoffy behind. The massive bird soon began a search for better hunting grounds, and that he found in the form of Japan's cities.

As the massive creature began his attacks, Z.A.T attacked him once more, but like the first attacks, Birdon easily shrugged them away. As Birdon waded through the city, Ultraman Taro returned back to Earth. The massive hero drop kicked the creature and avoided the beak. The massive bird tried to flee away, but Taroh grabbed its foot. The hero was forced to let go just seconds later when he had to save a young child who was inside a burning car. With Ultraman Taro back in action, Z.A.T attacked the volcano Birdon resided in, hoping to kill him before he came out. As they attacked, Birdon swooped out of the sky. The creature destroyed their largest jet and began to rampage once more.

Kohtaroh transformed himself into Ultraman Taro again to face Birdon for the third time! The hero once more, avoided the beak. With a fury of punches and kicks, Ultraman Taroh made the bird follow him into the air. The two grew nearer to the volcano home of the massive bird. In order to confuse the creature, Taroh formed a clone of himself, each one of him swerving to the opposite sides of the volcano. Confused by this, Birdon smashed head first into the volcano's crater and fell inward. The volcano then erupted once more, trapping Birdon in the mountain once again, and allowing Taro and the Ultra Mother to return Zoffy's body to the Land of Light to be resurrected and fixed.

Taro battles Birdon

 Another foe of his was Tyrant, an evil beast made out of defeated monster parts.

Tyrant is a monster born in the deepest reaches of space. The way he was created and why remains a mystery. Perhaps the souls of many past vanquished monsters combined to form one super beast. The creature itself lacks any of its own original body parts. Instead, its build has been comprised of that of Icarus for the ears, A Seagoras for the head, Bemstar for the body, Hanzagiran for the back and spikes, Red King for the legs, Mukadendar for the tail, and Barabas for the hands and arms. Tyrant inched his way across the galaxy, his first fight ended quickly as Ultraman Zoffy fell to his great power.

The space beast moved on to the next world, where the first of the giant heroes would face him. Not even the original Ultraman's attacks would faze the giant creature and he was laid to rest within a minute. The creature moved on to the next world, where the second of heroes challenged his powers. Ultraseven laid a fury of fast punches on Tyrant, but the monster was even stronger and quickly over came the gigantic being, shoving him aside and moving onto the next world. The next challenge was the third Ultra, Ultraman Jack. The red and silver giant arrived with a kick and his own Specium Ray. The beams failed and Tyrant hit the hero with his chain and choked him out into submission. Tyrant then arrived on the fifth planet, the last before Earth. Greeting him was the fourth Ultra, Ultraman Ace. The hero, like the ones before him, lashed out with punches and his own beam. And like the others facing the supreme monster, the attacks failed. Ace was forced down with one blast of Tyrant's deadly flames and a few shots of his axe and mace. Tyrant took to the air, heading for the final planet and final hero.

Tyrant's massive form floated down from the heavens, the ground below him shaking as if an earthquake. Not a even on Earth for a minute, Tyrant's flames began to spread across the city. Z.A.T was quickly on the offensive, striking the beast with missiles and lasers. Tyrant roared, but not in pain. Kohtaroh transformed himself into the sixth Ultra, and challenged the hybrid monster. The silver and red giant greeted the creature with a drop kick to his snout, knocking him off his feet. The monster was quickly back up, delivering a series of shots to the hero with his axe and mace. Taro proved to be the better at hand to hand combat though, and quickly landing a series of massive shots to Tyrant's face and stomach. The hero hoisted the beast up by the midsection and began to swing and then tossed the beast away. Tyrant unleashed his flames once more, washing the area with a wall of fire. Taro jumped over the monster and landed behind him, but was quickly forced to the front. The hybrid creature fired his chain, but Taro's hand opened, catching it. With a bolt of his Taro Lightning, the chain was severed. Tyrant's body fell back, and Taro coated the chain with energy and tossed it at fallen beast. The spear exploded, along with Tyrant, scattering his now broken body across the entire area.

 Temperor was an evil alien tyrant, that almost took over Earth. It took all 6 Ultra Brothers to defeat him once and for all.


 A fisherman from outer space Valkie Seijin came to Earth to hunt a gigantic aquatic animal called Samekujira to make his name known throughout the universe. However, once he managed to somehow lure it into Tokyo Bay and onto shore ZAT and Ultraman Taro were on the scene. Try as Valkie might he couldn't get his prized fish and was chased away right before Samekujira could be destroyed. Angry at Taro for destroying his prize Valkie sought to kill his human host, but Kotaro gave up the Ultra Badge to Mother of Ultra to retain his humanity. Still enraged, Valkie still tried to kill Kotaro until the former Ultra host lured him to an oil refinery where he used his gun to blow it up, setting Valkie aflame and killing him.

 About a year later, Taro arrived along with his 5 brothers, to assassinate Piko, and save 5 innocent monsters, but failed.

Taro and Ultraman watching Piko


  • Height: 53 meters
  • Weight: 55,000 tons
  • Flight Speed: Mach 20
  • Running Speed: 1200 kilometers per hour
  • Home Planet: The Land of Light, Nebula M78
  • Human Form: Kotaro Higashi
  • Transformation Item: Ultra Badge


  • Storium
* Ray: A unique "T" style weapon. Taro thrusts his hands in the air, touching at the tip, as they flash with light. Then, after putting his hands to his side, he glows with many odd colors. Taro then rests the palm of his horizontal right arm to the fist of his horizontal left arm to emit a powerful beam that can destroy monsters in one blow.
  • Neo-Storium Ray: A X-style variation of the Storium Ray. Very powerful, and it can obliterate monsters in one blow. This attack requires no charging than usual Storium Ray.
  • X-Ray Beam: Taro can emit two X - Ray beams from his eyes. These allow him to see through objects. These beams will also cause invisible creatures and objects to become visible.
  • Taro Lightning: Taro can emit two electric bolts from each of the horns on the sides of his head. These bolts with then combine into one bolt of lightning at the point of impact.
  • Multiple flips: Taro can not only easily leap to great heights, but he can jump multiple times in mid-air before delivering a powerful fly kick, usually used at the start of a battle.
  • Twinkle Way: Taro can create an odd tunnel to gain access to his homeland, the Land of Light.
  • Ultra Willpower: Taro can make his enemies think Taro's been beheaded, using some sort of illusion ability.
  • Taro Bracelet: Similar to Jack's, Taro's can not only convert into a lance that fires blue rings of light (The Set Beam), but it can transform into whatever weapon he desires.
  • King Bracelet: An upgrade of the Taro Bracelet delivered by the Mother of Ultra. It can convert into a muzzle, a plastic blue bucket filled with water, and a "magic hand." It can also fire a Bracelet Beam, and allows Taro to divide into two and confuse enemies, can create an small energy barrier around his hand that can deflect energy attacks, and has a cutter beam that can slice through monsters easily.
  • Ultra Slash: Same as previous Ultra-Slash moves, except it it comes in the form of small cutter beams from his hands. Cuts through monsters easy.
  • Ultra Six-In-One : Taro can merge with his five brothers to become extremely strong.
  • Cosmo Miracle Beam: Taro can emit a powerful beam from his sides by raising his arms after combining with his five other brothers. Can destroy monsters in one blow.
  • Ultra-Smokescreen: Taro can emit a six-colored smokescreen to blind his foes.
  • Ultra Dynamite: Taro can cover him entire body in a blaze of hot flames. He then rushes his foe and grabs a hold of them. This will destroy the monster completely, as they are engulfed in the explosive fire.
  • Appear Beam: Taro can fire a beam from both of his hands, but instead of destroying things, this beam can make things appear, such as a gigantic Christmas Tree.
  • Relive Beam: Taro can fire a beam from his hands that will revive dead beings and bring them back to life. This includes humans and monsters.

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