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Ultraman Tiga is a Chinese manhua comic adaptation of the series Ultraman Tiga. The books were translated and released in 2003 by US publisher Dark Horse Comics.

Issue List

Image Issue No. Release Date
Ultraman Tiga Issue #1 September 10, 2003
Ultraman Tiga Issue #2 October 01, 2003
Ultraman Tiga Issue #3 November 12, 2003
Ultraman Tiga Issue #4 December 31, 2003
Ultraman Tiga Issue #5 January 28, 2004
Ultraman Tiga Issue #6 March 24, 2004
Ultraman Tiga Issue #7 April 14, 2004
Ultraman Tiga Issue #8 May 12, 2004
Ultraman Tiga Issue #9 May 26, 2004
Ultraman Tiga Issue #10 June 23, 2004


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