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Welcome to Earth! Part 1 - The Science of Planet Baltan
Ultraman Max, Episode 33
Max ep 33 picture
Air date February 11, 2006 (TBS)
November 11, 2014 (Crunchyroll)
Directed by Toshihiro Iijima
Episode Guide
Elly Destruction Directive
Welcome to Earth! Part 2 - Farewell Alien Baltan!

Welcome to Earth! Part 1 - The Science of Planet Baltan (ようこそ! 地球へ 前篇 バルタン星の科学 - Yōkoso! Chikyū e Zenpen Barutan Sei no Kagaku) is the 33rd episode of Ultraman Max. This episode aired on February 11th, 2006.[1]


Tiny Baltan comes to Earth to warn humans about Dark Baltan's plans to invade. But nobody believes young Tsutomu's stories about her.


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  1. Tsuburaya's Official Website's synopsis on "Welcome to Earth! Part 1 - The Science of the Planet Baltan"

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