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Zaigorg (ザイゴーグ - Zaigōgu) is a Monster that appeared in the film, Ultraman X The Movie: Here comes our Ultraman![1]

Subtitle: Devil Beast (閻魔獣 - Enmajū)

Character History

Ultraman X The Movie: Here comes our Ultraman!

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Ultraman Geed

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Weapons and Abilities

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Behind the scenes



  • Zaigorg's overall design and being himself are tied to connections with Hell:
    • His horns are based on a demon's horns.
    • His club hand is based on the clubs wielded by Oni in Japanese mythology.
    • His back spikes are designed to resemble a mountains made of needles.
    • His tail is based on a Saw.
    • His mouth is designed to resemble the pool of blood in hell.
    • His eyes are designed to resemble the 64 eyed hellish oni.
    • His roar is meant to sound like the laugh of Satan.
    • His name also takes inspiration from "jigoku" (stylized "Zigoku"), meaning hell in Chinese.



  1. Tsuburaya's Official Website's profile on Zaigorg's profile in "Ultraman X"

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